Gears 5 PC bug report

I am still having issues with my PDP Afterglow 9+ Wireless Headset for Xbox One/PC.

The audio is all choppy. Cutting in and out rapidly.

I have submitted a ticket with support and have attached a couple images. One is of the sound settings on my PC. The other is Device Manager showing my headset is detected as an Xbox Peripheral/Xbox Controller.

I am on PC. Is anyone else experiencing the choppy audio throughout the entire game? It begins as soon as the game launches and never stops cutting out rapidly.

I obtained gears 5 via the Xbox pass. I play on PC. After playing a few 20 round games of horde, I got to level 9. A couple days later I completed 50 waves on intermediate difficulty which took about 2 hours. I got the achievement however I remained level 9, obtaining no progress towards my gears profile. Days later, today, I’m still only level 9. I want to buy this game after my Xbox games pass subscription expires but I feel cheated out of 2 hours of my life and am hesitant to ever play Horde again, is it possible for someone to fix my level? Thanks

So this happens a quite a bit when you try to join a custom horde. You are spawned for the players but not for yourself and can’t do anything.

Glad to find somebody else with the same issue. If it’s happening for you in chapter 3 then it sounds like it’s a broad issue and therefore more likely to be fixed.

Just letting folks know that even after today’s 356MB update my audio is still choppy and makes listening to the game unbearable. Impossible, even. Support team, can you PLEASE give us some direct feedback on this issue?

after 12th set update sometimes on loadings screens my monitor goes black, and i need to reboot my pc .

My issue previously outlined in this thread hasn’t been resolved either.

Unable to progress because I can’t get in the skiff. After the train sequence the skiff is jutting out of the side of the hill. Quitting the game and reloading didn’t fix the issue.

Had to restart that portion of the campaign to fix it but now a side mission is bugged so I can’t complete it to get the shield upgrade for Jack. I had previously finished this quest and gained the shield but for some reason after the skiff bug and reload the entire string of side quests in the region had to be redone at which point it bugged again on the final quest. After 2 days of smooth gameplay now it’s buggy as hell. I don’t know what happened…

It is asking me to pick up the upgrade module but as you can see from the image I have already picked it up so I can’t complete. Extremely frustrating.

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in act 3 chapter one i have a clitch that makes so i can not instal the hijack module that leads to me being able to continue the campaign

I am getting two consistent bugs on Gears 5 through Steam. One being that every time a match loads, while it is on the loading screen with the map, the audio will stutter and it’s a 50-50 chance if it is going to crash the game. The other bug I’m getting is after a match ends. When I choose to search for another match or exit to the main menu, it will crash about 50% of the time. It just gives a generic “Gears 5 is not responding” error and then closes.

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that also happen to me and i end up restart the chapter and go through all the side quests which i completed before and after finishing the water tower quest it eventually new bug occurred which i couldn’t pick jack ultimate ability module as you mentioned.
that part of the terrain geometry need to be fixed or adding skiff reset position option.

Letting everyone know that after the 270MB update on September 13th the sound issue is not resolved for Afterglow headsets. Sound is still choppy and broken. C’mon man! This is bull…

I have audio problems in gears 5 the sound jerks and jumps all the time and I can not do the campaign like that I hear nothing

i have the audio stutter problem on loading screens, and sometimes the games crashes , my screen goes black and i need to hard reset my pc.

idk what I did to stop my random crashes on loading screens, All i did was moved gears5 from my ssd to my hdd.

Use Nvidia driver 365.15 to fix the crash

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yeah im going to try 465.15 driver, im still having those crashes

Yeah sorry. 465.15*

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