Gears 5 PC bug report

Gears 5 xbox one, this is war. Campaign mode playing alone. After the helicopter crashes and I kill everything while pinned down, I go through the building but get stuck because there’s no way out. I see a broken window with a body laying over it and a hallway blocked off by debris. After pausing the game then unpausing it, all I seen was a white screen with two black figures in the distance, then I get killed and its saying objective failed. Restart doesn’t work either.

For many headphone users with 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound headphones there is an audio bug or something that results in missing and or quiet voices from certain channels where we need to resort to this reddit thread and follow the instructions there to resolve the audio issues.

obviously this isn’t an ideal solution and only buys us 30 days free trial to dolby access, but would prefer a patch to fix the issue that doesn’t require a subscription to a service that can make our headphones do what they already do.

Edit: fixed a word.

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Thanks for this. It’s something we have on our list since Tech Test and the team are looking to add post-launch. Appreciate the feedback!

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Thank you. I would greatly appreciate this feature.


This is standard in games not a feature :joy:

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I can’t even play the game anymore on pc at the moment. Enjoyed the campaign yesterday without any issues, and now when starting the game after pressing enter the main menu won’t even load. The game is really good but unplayable in this state. I will leave for vacation tomorrow and was hoping to play the game some more, but I don’t see that happening anymore. Hope it is patched when I come back in 12 days.

Same here

My campaign is perma-stuck. It keeps kicking me back to the same chapter and act even if I die later on in the game… I also lose all my stats, progress, collectibles and Jack’s parts get reset…

I have the exact same problem as [SizedKata] in the same spot on the map. Oscar has gotten into that inaccessible spot. both checkpoints are after he got stuck too (both load current and load previous checkpoint are the same checkpoint)

Dunno if this has been reported yet but there’s a pretty game-breaking glitch that essentially locks your controls whenever you press the home button (Xbox). I occasionally forget after trying to maybe record something, and it results in me being helpless and stuck in the spot I’m in. Pause button won’t work which means you can’t leave whatever game you’re stuck in either, so all you can do is shut off the game and turn it back on.


I am also unable to get past infinite loading. Strange, it worked yesterday, but now even reinstalling the game does not help. I did not had that problem in Gears 4.

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Having a problem using my Ult in Escape mode. Whatever I key bind the ability too it wont seem to trigger it,

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I was in an escape lobby as emile and there were duplicate keegans and when the match started we were all keegan…okay then

Escape from 9 Hives daily medal stuck at 7/9 .

I don’t think this issue with the texture pack is getting enough attention. I try to install in-game and it starts at 70% and makes no progress. When I quit the game I get a downloading error on the Windows Store with Code: 0x80070057. It’s crazy that they wouldn’t include it as part of the game when it’s less than 4GB.

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Sometimes my mouse button functions are abruptly unresponsive upon clicking them…but the mouse-movement function remains operational.

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Did you find a solution for this?

I get blurred textures all the time on all settings even setting texture streaming to ultra doesn’t work.

Playing Jack in the hord gamemode after hacking a swarm of any type you can’t use his shoke anymore (xbox 1 s btw)

Mouse moving off game using dual monitors.

Using dual monitors, my mouse started going off game to my 2nd monitor even though “Fullscreen” is enabled. I’ve tried switching from Fullscreen to Windowed back to full, switching which monitor the game displays on, ALT tabbing to another opened app and then back to the game. This issue started yesterday 9/8. Prior to 9/8 it was working fine.

Video card: Geforce RTX 2060 6GB - drivers are up to date: v436.15 via Nvidia GeForce Experience

The game is completely unplayable while it does this as it breaks being able to turn. To be able to play, I had to download an app that locks the cursor to a monitor.