Gears 5 PC bug report

u are incorrect!! u can bind what ever you want! and they all work EXCEPT the mouse wheel scroll!

try it yourself!

bind something in game to scroll wheel scroll!

i have tried deathadder and basilisk

even if you rebind the scroll wheel to a keyboard key the game will not accept it unless you are in a menu

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Same here.

Only singleplayer works …

Having a super hard time finding ranked matches

I do not believe it is server related. I fixed it by uninstalling the ultra pack and setting to recommended graphics. They have an issue with RTX and max settings it seems was an issue within the technical test as well.

Yea I’m having the same issue with not being able to bind things to the scroll wheel. Any fixes for this? Thanks

No audio for me on steam either :frowning:

Act 3 has infinite checkpoint saves and quest flag trigger failures during rocket missions for me, can’t use the controls to lower bridge or reload checkpoints.

Can’t install UHD Texture Pack. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate version, on a separate (i.e. non C:) drive. Starts at 70% and makes no progress. Tried reinstalling twice.

Juvees in Act 2 Chapter 4 get bugged sometimes and stop the transition to the next wave before the old mine.

I love gears, but this is a buggy mess :frowning: I reloaded the last checkpoint of act 1 chapter 4 and fell out of world, had to reboot the game to fix it. Literally just now at the start of act 2 recruitment drive i loaded into a black screen, had to reboot the game to fix it, and my progress didnt even save,
Ai keep getting stuck in places.
Cant view collectables in gamed, just shows an infinite loading spinner, and progress isnt showing.
I keep getting booted from multiplayer, and theres no warning prompt for leaving multiplayer results screens, so you can just leave by accident.
I haven’t notived issues like this in any gears game before this.
Please fix them :frowning:

Campaign AI (minor spoiler)

The teammate AI sometimes don’t even bother to help you up or save you from a capture with a snatcher etc. It’s only jack that does it. Most of the times it only jack that revives as well. Sometimes the AI teammate just stops shooting all together and just runs around. One such example was in the Matriarch fight in act 2 chapter 5 where del would just stand and do nothing with a pipe in his hand and not even switch weapons. He would Dodge the matriarch but that’s about it.

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Relic Dropshot when equipped and going into a cut-scene appears as Relic Dropshot during the cut-scene, but as soon as cut-scene is over, the Dropshop does not look Relic anymore, but just regular. Equipping it and holstering it again will cause it to again look Relic. Just a minor thing but worth looking into down the line.

Another stupid bug. SPOILER
You bring 2 relic weapons along and inside the facility where Niles wants to “operate you”, as soon as you wake up you run with a new pistol and no more main weapons, so my Relic Boltok gone, Relic Dropshot gone, wtf, really??? This is the most idiotic crap ever, why give me a complete different pistol or let me in there with Relic Guns to begin with? I cannot load previous chapters etc, doing it on Insane btw. Really F-ing stupid.

stuck at infinite loading cant even get to the main menu


I have trouble with all my Logitech mouse in wireless/wired mode where it took like 3/4 seconds delay to look around. This happen on my G900, G903, and even the Logitech G Pro wireless.

Connected my trusted logitech mx518 (had this for 13 years) using usb and had no issue. This happened during the tech test also.

Found a temp fix…in logitech gaming software under polling rate change from default 1000 to 125 and inside gears 5 mouse setting turn on mouse smoothing

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Anyone having light pop ups on characters during cutscenes? On PC running a Asus 1080 with an I7 7700k.

Fixed infinite loads by flushing my dns.

Collectibles take forever to load in the menu and then many that were collected do not even show, a whole chapter was blank (although I collected all!). I then quit the game, restarted it, and now ALL collectables are gone from ALL acts and chapters !!!

Has anyone had any issues with textures loading wrong or even in a rainbow color scheme? ive had this happen through out the game (Currently on Act 3) ive repaired the files, tried low settings and nothing seems to fix it. Its not all textures and the game is still playable but this is not normal so im curious if anyone else has experienced this.


Stupid long loading screens, Kicked from my wifes game now for some reason after playing hours with no issue. Alleged fix for collectable issues is bull… Still missing some I already got. Weird enemy loading or no enemies at all. For real this is absurd. I realize some use GP for this but for the people who bought it, the price i assume included the fact that your able to play 4 days before hand. But when its bad as this, its unplayable. So wheres the compensation? So sick of devs not putting the proper testing in games anymore, sooooo quick to get that money they cant even operate the game at supposed launch. They should be fined or held accountable in some way. Always have their own butts covered, when it comes to the customer LMAO to hell with you we got your money. How it is you thought to test the multiplayer and said F the campaign is beyond me and says alot about the leadership at the Coalition.