Gears 5 PC bug report

Just as in the tech test, on PC we are unable to bind anything to the scroll wheel.
U can set the scroll wheel to any binding in the menu, but it will not work in game.
It will work when the tac view is on (shift on pc)
So to counter this i have setup a macro for the scroll wheel to hold shift then do a scroll.
This is not idea and the tac view shows everytime i swap weapons.

It was working in gears 4, please fix TC


edit: it seems that people seem to think this is the main bug report page, it is not! its just my issue lol
didnt this forum have tech sub threads? now its just loads of chaos in 1 thread


Just false.

I have Mamba Elite from Razer.

On Tech Test I had Naga Hex-2.

You could bind whatever you want to mouse keys, from macros, F keys etc…

the mousewheel doesnt work in MP…

When launching the game on PC, goes to blank screen then quits to desktop. Tried Repair/Reset, now trying to re-download again.

Please submit a ticket if the issue persists.

Same issue after installing second time, i’ve logged at ticket (# 3591 ), while waiting I’m trying to remove possible applications or running procs that could possibly interfere.,

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PC Version does not launch campaign when ultra pack is installed on Ryzen 2700x with RTX 2080. It locks to infinite loading. Reset defaults and removed ultra pack loads fine.

Same problem for me. I have this problem since the tech test. I posted on this forum and on reddit, No official answer. I contacted microsoft support, They told me they would give me news in 24 hours. It’s been 1 month …

I tried all that was possible to try in the world. And I even formatted…

Ticket #3537

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I have a major problem installing the ultra hd texture pack from within video settings. Goes to 70% and then is stuck there even after an hour.

I cannot play the game on steam coz its saying failed to sign-in to an Xbox Live profile… Change Profile is not working as well… I can play gears 4 on MS Store just fine though…

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I am having the same problem with the infinite load. Can someone help me? I played the tutorial just fine. But when I go to launch the game’s first mission I get stuck in infinite load. I’m on an intel processor with a 2080ti. I’m launching through xbox app and through search and it isn’t working.

It is an issue with servers and that will need to be resolved before continuing on PC.

On Xbox they can go into offline mode so they at least have a workaround.

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Oh so its a server issue? That at least gives me a lead. The funny thing is I hear like a deep chime when trying to launch about every minute. My friend was playing just fine he launched campaign just fine.

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Anti Cheat reports false positives on ICUE and and Asus Aura, even when Aura is not enabled.
Hangs on loading installed Ultra Textures, Crashes when uninstalling them, shows them uninstalled, still hangs

System Specs
TR 2590x / x2 EVGA RTX 2080ti FTW

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Is that why it gives me an easy anti cheat error code when ending the task in the task manager?

Not sure, I have a Asus Zenith Extreme Alpha board and it comes with a program called the Armoury that is used for updating motherboard software. Aura is built in and has a toggle to disable in game lighting, but Anti Cheat still flags it. Had to kill three processes to get it to stop.

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I’m able to play now but for some reason there is a stutter during cut scenes.

I have no audio at all when I launch this game, none in the intro, the menu, or the actual game itself.
I have updated my Nvidia drivers and my headsets sound drivers.
I have changed my sound settings to 48Khz as it worked for someone else’s sound issues, but it still doesn’t work for me.
Anyone else have this problem? It’s really bothering.

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I can’t launch the game on PC it keeps asking for permission to launch an app, and then takes me to the app store to install Microsoft services, which is already on my PC.

i’v already turned off my PC, restarted it, checked if my OS is up to date .
so not sure what to do i have ultimate games pass so should be able to play the game.

Bug Report . Oscar gets stuck in Act 2 - Chapter 1.