Gears 5 PC black screen

Hello, i wanna know if anyone is having the same problem that i am having with gears 5. When i play multiplayer and i die sometimes the screen will go black completely, the pc does not freeze cause i can open any other program pressing windows button. The only solution to the black screen for me right now is to press task manager and force shutdown on the game and re enter. Is there any solution to fixing this problem? Has anyone experienced the same issues?
Thank you! Nvidia GTX 1060 3GB

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Someone else reported that same problem, apparently it triggered with the kill cam. Disable the kill cam and pray the Gears gods grants you favor to finish the match without a crash.


ok thanks man. ill try it when the coalition lift up my ban of 2 days because of their faulty game. ill report back if it works :smiley:

I have the same issue forcing me to do the same you did. The fix must be provided by TC but I think they don’t care.

I have the same problem I was playing in windowed mode and switched to full screen and it hasn’t blacked out yet but I’ve only played a handful of games since.

@xXNiTeRaYesXx Its happening again, but its different this time. Gears 5 Black Screen of Death