Gears 5 PC and Xbox One Communities

I know the new Gears 5 is crossplay, but my questions are…since console players are allowed to opt out of crossplay, which they most likely will end up doing, if I decide to play with a controller on my PC, will I be able to play with console players? I am new to PC and not sure how this works or how it effects us as PC gamers, but will the gears community drop since the community base is much smaller on PC for this franchise? I am a Gears fan, one of my favourite franchise, I’ve just recently switched from Xbox to PC, so I just want to make sure I can play with both communities depending on if I use mouse and keyboard or controller? So to make it more clear, for example, let’s say I’m playing on PC for 4 months and then all of a sudden I’m barely finding matches due to console gamers opting out of crossplay, can I use my controller rather than my mouse and keyboard and play with the Xbox community?

Input doesn’t matter.

PC players will play swith PC players and Xbox players who haven’t turned off crossplay.

True, but incase the PC community shrinks due to that problem. Will I be able to play with console players if
I switched to controller? Just thought it would work both ways, depending which peripheral we used.

Thanks for reply

No, unfortunately not

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As the poster above has said.