Gears 5 panders to low skill players and that's why the community is leaving

I am so sorry for doubting you :weary:

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Uhmm… But you downed him…

Do you not realized you were killed by different player?

I completely agree with this. Sure Gears 5 might be a bit easier compared to past Gears games in order to make it more accessible and expand the player base, but that shouldn’t stop the best players from continuing to be the best. If anything it’s giving lesser skilled players a chance to even compete with them. How is that a bad thing? The more competition the better.

Was the game a little TOO catered to the newer players at launch? Yes, absolutely it it was. Aim Adhesion was ridiculous, the melee was insane, Lancer was OP, and more. But since then the game has improved dramatically over time and IMO it is in a pretty damn good place right now, especially post Op 4.

TC cannot only cater to the super high level players. If they do that then Gears cannot expand and the player base will continue to shrink. You can even look at Gears 3 for proof, they were already starting the process of adding noob friendly mechanics and weapons to Gears. TC didn’t start this trend.

Look at all of the biggest games on the market. Fortnite, CoD, Overwatch, etc. They’re all noob friendly. Yet that doesn’t stop them from being highly competitive games.

Gears just needs to find the right balance and I think they’re almost there. The OG players cannot sustain Gears forever. It’s the simple truth and sometimes the truth hurts. Ask yourself this, would you rather have a Gears that catered to a broader audience, or no Gears at all? Bc what you’re asking for is the exact direction they should head in if they want to kill this series for good.


Here’s my 2 cents: maybe if the community stops complaining about “gnasher inconsistencies” the devs can actually make progress with this game. I see nothing but non-stop complaining ABOUT ■■■■ I DONT EVEN NOTICE… so the devs keep changing things and going in circles and you keep complaining and complaining… Meanwhile there are fans like me out there who just want more progress with the game. Keep complaining about the gnasher though. I’d love to keep getting updates for the gnasher instead of new content :roll_eyes:


I couldn’t disagree more with you :joy:
Gears will die because it caters too much for new players.

Having small skill gaps does not encourage anyone to play. Instead people get bored. One of the reasons gears 1 was so popular because the game was hard, challenging & could always improve by putting in the time.
I used to love playing against gow1 pros in order to learn. This game requires little skill & after 1 month of playing the skill gap can be close to someone who has played the game & other gears games. Boring.


What’s so skillful about hipfiring partially aim assisted shotguns and while swiveling around?

Just recently returned Haven’t played since OP2 and I can say that after the recent update the playerbase is slowly climbing again… Was in the late 40s on the most played Xbox now its 27th

Watch that go down mate.
Like you a lot of players wanted to see what the big update was about. Just one big fat disappointment tbh.

I think the game has improved a lot since release at least its heading in the right direction.

Gears has always had its ups and downs

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Yeh, if you like inconsistencies, sticking to walls, not being able to play ranked modes apart from 2v2 & koth. Gow5 op4 is the game for you :+1:


oh yeah for sure!

Nah it’s the other way around. They need to find a good balance and they’re almost there.

Almost but yet sooooo far…

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So since @Graham_A_U literally explained why the game needs a skill gap in one sentence ill just quote him lol…

The point of having a skill gap is so people can better themselves, look at pc games like csgo they have a extreme skill gap yet people all enjoy it and strive to get better.

Yes i agree, thats why we need placements and a actual rank system that rewards the good players so they dont constantly pub stomp you. Gears 4 had a much better ranking system, and this wasn’t much of an issue unless they consistently did bad but at least it was predictable. When you got into the diamond 4-5 range it became very unstable but thats kinda expected.

i understand some people are seeing my ranks and taking that the wrong way. The only reason i included my rank in gears 4 was because the gears of war community is toxic as you have just proved lol. I didn’t say i was better than anybody, i dont feel im a gears god. Me making statements like these i believe most would have doubted my experience in the series. I know that when i read forum posts from less experienced players it is very toxic and unwelcoming. This post wasnt for me to stroke my ego it was to point out the issues i have with the game, and yes ive been playing since 2006 this is my second account. that doesn’t make me more qualified to give my opinion im saying in my experience this is how the game plays.

Yes but OG gears UE was an instant hit and gears 4 was also a great game and did very well. Games need a skill gap to keep players interested and wanting to move up the ladder and getting better. New gamers want a challenge also, you cant tell me that overwatch doesn’t have some of the sweatiest nerds on the damn planet and the skill gap is huge. (Please dont bring up the over inflated gamepass sales of gears 5, or the positive reviews since they deleted all the one stars thanks.)

There is a multiplayer design director for a reason, its not my fault the game is inconsistent :man_shrugging:t2: its a Microsoft AAA title they made plenty they can always hire more staff.

The problem is aim assist, otherwise it would be an opinion. I think lancering in squads of five and camping holding LT right hand is boring.


This is the same team that brought you gow UE and gow 4. These “inconsistencies” didnt exist in the previous 2 games but they do now? I find it hard to believe that after making 2 games, the team would be bad at making a 3rd. Sometimes you will die, sometimes you will lag. The game isnt inconsistent, sh*t just happens sometimes. But at least the complaining has been consistent. So much that the people who brought you gow UE and gow 4 have left the studio now.

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The only 3 things that I have a real problem with is

  1. Gib range.
  2. UP A
  3. Connections.


I am not sure you blindly make this statement. Way to many variable to assume that if anyone just puts in the time the will close the gap and be at diamond level is reaching. lets just start with the list below.

Eye sight
Over all Gamer exsperiences ( time in)
Map awareness
Spawn awreness
Ping gap issues
Sever issues
Strategiec awerness
Contoller configurations
Modfied controller i.e paddles
PC players vs Consol

I am sure there is more. how many athletes log the time and hours just to be denied for one reason or another.

agian not saying you do not have points but the game has to fin a way for the entire popluation


Thanks I guess i see that now. i was shooting GOG and Kat came out and chain sawed me. it look diffent thanks for point out my incorrect view and rage…

guess i should slow it down…

Very good points. The moderator will probably close your thread for expressing your views like they did mine.

It’s been 9 months after launch. When is there going to be progress? Do you call an over extended arcade GIB range progress???

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