Gears 5 Pack Information

That’s the thing, it has to look nice.

I don’t think the Gears 4 nor this one look good.

Plus, I’m not into single weapon skins, I like a complete set.

But, if they made a replica and the in game skins were for a complete set, I’d obviously get it :+1:

Although I’d just sell the replica on without the code, as I have no use for toys.

Not a bad idea since someone will buy that lancer for more than what you paid for I bet.

You guys have some really good ideas!!! i hope TC jam packs all the previous ways to buy and earn skins through skill levels challenges and etc. Also im sure there will be the in game currency/credit system with which you can buy skins still. (i mean they want as many ppl to keep playing and grinding after all) :wink:

I can’t wait for TC to become The People’s Republic of The Collation! Ruled and governed by Supreme Leader Octus.


For him to be betrayed by his apprentice Vectes?:thinking:


as long as they don’t pull some stupid S**t like timed skins or characters then i’m fine with outright buying the things i want timed cosmetics are so trash you can basically FEEL the devs trying to strong-arm you into buying it

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Only if he sings Katy Perry Firework while driving his tank around…

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Lol. Seth Rogan’s best film imo :joy:

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It would be nice if there was no more Gear Packs/RNG. Loved it in Gears 3 when you had to earn characters.

But it would be more like a car company making the same car and charging nearly 5x as much for a super exclusive paint job.


By not getting the paint job, you still have the same thing underneath.

You want the paint job, you can pay the price.

If no one pays, they can obviously afford to drop the price.

And that’s what we saw at the end, they went direct purchase, couple of dollars each or so.

But remember - it’s expensive because they are raising money, they offered large amounts of prize money and this helped get it there.

But you get the same experience with the same car, with or without the fancy paint job.

No one loses out game wise by not having it.