Gears 5 Pack Information

So i just watched this and let me know your thoughts.

Personally i think what will happen is that there will 100% be purchasable content no doubt about it, so don’t you dare press [X] to doubt me.

Most likely yes the RNG packs will be abolished but a new system like Fortnite (or any other game that has purchasable cosmetics) will come into place and we will have to pay money to obtain them. At least there is no chance involved and you just get what you want though right?

Now if only the season pass is just as good :slight_smile:

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I like the lancer…a LOT. They are always well over priced in the UK though.

I think we all know we are getting packs back in some form. I would not have such a problem even with RNG if you didn’t get duplicates.


Eh I’d rather have RNG and use credits than pay for things to be honest. No matter what system they use, they will get a ton of complaints so it’s a lose/lose for gamers IMO


I think they will either have:

  • Level / re-up / wings progression unlocks like in Gears 3
  • Title Updates / DLC’s with skins. So having Season Pass may mean you unlock them. Like in Gears 3
  • Watch eSports or Dev Live Streams to claim skins.
  • Achievement feat unlockables,
  • Legacy unlocks. Some may be tied to tasks or achievements from previous games.
  • And of course, limited time purchases with real money like the Black Steels…

But I honestly never had a problem with RNG Packs though,


The level up ranking system is by far the best. I will be happy with that along with the other suggestions you mentioned. I mean heck, I may even spend a few dollars DEPENDING on what is for sale. I’ll pay for Griffin, pending price of course. I will also donate to charity if it means a chance at a very limited skin.


There’s currently so many characters and variant models. I also wonder how they’re going to make them all available, if not RNG Packs monthly.

In Gears 3, the character unlocks only went up to Re-up 0, Level 100. After Re-up 1, there were no more character unlocks. They could add even more character variants on Re-up 1, 2, all the way through 10 and Wings, So the rare character variants could be near the Wings level progression.

Or playing a certain character could unlock more existing variant models? But I’m genuinely interested how they’ll fit all. There’s so many,


Ohhhh that’s a good one, playing as a certain character getting X amount of kills and whatnot. I like that idea.


There’s so many ways of linking customisation skins to gameplay, and title updates they can be rolled out over the course of the game’s lifespan. As you say, link them to achievements. GOW3 had that medal system which had some skins attached to certain ones and that featured all sorts of tasks - get X amount of kills with Y weapon; or complete X number of matches in Y gamemode etc.

I hope this is the case. Given the number of standard non-eSports skins around, I don’t fancy having to pay money for all of them cos it will add up to a large amount. Paying for exclusive eSports related skins is fine by me. I reckon I’ve sunk around £600 into GOW4 in total - the game, season pass, eSports packs… and don’t want GOW5 to be like that. I could’ve had a holiday! Or coke and hookers. Maybe.

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Holiday with coke and hookers is the dream :wink:


I want super premium skins, direct purchase.

I’m thinking $100 per character and $75 per weapon set.

Maybe only make like 12 of these - will last 2 years if one every 2 months.


For this Christmas,

Make a Character and Weapon Set for $1,000.


I’m ready when you guys are :v:

Everything else should be earnable and/or purchased with credits.


What if TC evenly distributed all skins and characters evenly across their platform, thus negating the need for rare and/or expensive skins? This would also include rank skins. Bronze players deserve Diamond skins just as much as Diamonds do!

Time to face the music TC! The people shall rise! Down with the bourgeois!


This is the tweet from Rod…

Either allow me to buy what I want(in game currency or real money) , or do something so that when I open five packs of cards that 23 of the 25 cards aren’t duplicates of crap I already have…

Horrible Idea. Would have so much backlash and would be the end of TC. We don’t want TC to become EA and ruin games.

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It’s only a small amount of super premium selection of skins.

The rest are available free.

Do you remember what happened back to EA in 2012?

If 95% content is free and 5% paid for, there’s no problem with that and no way comparable to EAs situation.

It’s like saying a car manufacturer cannot have a £25,000 car affordable to a lot of people and also a £120,000 affordable to a small proportion of people.

In this way, TC provides the fans with content but also cater to a different market and make some money.

My main thought is how the title is complete clickbait.

No gear packs!

Rod did not say that lol. He just said it was not confirmed one way or the other.

Made you click it tho

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Tbh, it should have been:

“No Gear Packs?”

Rather than:

“No Gears Packs!”

And then Rod basically saying it’s neither here nor there :sweat_smile:

I doubt they would show the system until at least MP has been showed or much closer to release.

I think if their is a Season Pass and they offer straight up Cards, could signal an end to Packs.

Or they may confirm Packs by offering Season Pass or whatever they decide the Ultimate Edition to be, some extra packs.

All in all, not long now before we get some bit of info!

Plus, the Red Crimson Lancer looks a bit meh to me.

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It said that the Red Crimson Lancer Replica would come with a code. I’m guessing that code is for Red Crimson Lancer in-game too. But the price for replica must be over £100.00+. So that would potentially be one of the rare skins. Isn’t that what you’d pay for?

In Gears 4, there was also another Golden Custom Lancer, different from Wings 5 which was so rare. But it didn’t look so good.

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