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Gears 5 pacing?


Did they mention the pacing of Gears 5? Is it going to be as fast as gears 4 or slowed down a bit like Ultimate Edition?


I’m actually hoping it will be faster then 4

(III EnVii III) #3

I heard as soon as you press the start button, it’s over, boom, credits roll.

Thats how fast the pacing is.


Made me laugh out loud!
I actually don’t plan on playing the campaign though

(III EnVii III) #5

You don’t have a choice, you press the start button and BOOM - campaign completed.

I’m tellin ya, pacing is unreal in this game :see_no_evil:


Wow! You already got the Beta?:rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(III EnVii III) #7

“Completed it mate”

(Admire Vanity) #8

Slow it down! This arcade-like Call of Duty Gears isn’t working, it feels almost like Judgement imo. Running around a small map getting flanked left and right is boring. Gears 3’s medium pace with large maps was much better than what we have now

(Me0wMix CatFood) #9

I hope it’s a little faster, but wouldn’t hate if they slow it down a bit. As long as there’s balance.
There might be less BS shot registration issues if they slow it down. Then again, I think they may just struggle with coding.


I’m a veteran player, and the faster pacing is pretty much a ‘Let Down’. Gears 3 acted in the context of Rainbow 6 with tactics while gears 4 is more black op 4.

Motor and aspects of portable cover were removed in favor of this faster pace. Feels like there’s a lack of creativity for the less skilled. Honestly hard to outsmart an opponent that has better reflexes.