Gears 5 Overkill Suggestions - Versus

Quick question/poll out of curiosity:

Would you prefer the damage and or range reduced for the overkill?


Reduce the amount of ammo it spawns with and increase the respawn timer?

in what game ? handled by which character

Because if playing Kait in Horde, I’d like more damage, more range, more ammo and a free L2 locker :+1: :grinning:

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Fair enough, I edited the title of the thread. I’m asking for Versus, although for some reason on the larger enemies in Horde/Escape the overkill seems less effective than the gnasher.

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All of the above? Or just remove it entirely. In a good game with good players no one touches it.
In a game with bad players its a crutch surpassing the sawn off and can be out right abused by skilled/■■■■■■■■■ players.

I just dont like a gun which basically voids the idea of cqc.

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I find in Horde, it really pays to stagger shots by holding and releasing the trigger than hammering it. It does a fair bit more damage. Obviously it exposes you to more gunfire as it’s slower, but from a shots-to-damage ratios perspective, it’s a noticeable difference.


I love the overkill and I find it easy to get a load of kills with it in pvp so I’d say leave it

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Yeah I agree it’s very strong, which is fine since it is a power weapon. However, like you said a skilled player can somewhat abuse it due to the range.

Personally I’d prefer the ammo it spawns with to be cut in half and respawn timer made equal with other power weapons such as the boom or dropshot.

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Uhm, Gears 5 lancer, anyone?

It’s a pain in the *ss. Nerf the thing.

What would you want nerfed on it though, what makes it so annoying to you?

@Omen_LP to be fair there are only 3 close quarters weapons in Gears 5 currently (Gnasher, Mace & Overkill) and all of those can still kill or down you from decent range.


And the lunging melee.


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Just leave it alone

it all depends on your definition of “close” I guess, lol…

The overkill’s range needs to be long to deal with the gnasher’s ridiculous gib range… I’m fine with decreasing BOTH… but not just one…

Re my lancer comments - the lancer tuning and the map design make CQC/CQB almost a thing of the past, I just see lancer, lancer, lancer, lancer fire everywhere, Last night on Foundation , this made me laugh…

I got downed fighting in one of the shock areas, and I got killed by someone lancering from the OTHER shock area, through the pistols area… Yeah, I know, nothing “wrong” with that, but it just made me laugh how long range lancer just took over the game now…

I agree the range is needed, I think it’s just the uptime that bothers me on maps like Training Ground where it can seemingly have 100% uptime due to the respawn timer and amount of ammo given.

To the rifle comments, yes the maps are the main culprit however this was also fairly common since Gears 3 and 4. Less risk in most circumstances, it’s a valid strategy though admittedly waaay more boring (in my opinion).

@Bleeding_Pepper Touche. Although I have only ever seen one person in all my play time actually pick up the Enforcer in Gears 5 and have never been killed by one yet :man_shrugging:

I don’t see why TC can’t balance weapons depending on modes. In horde the OK doesn’t need any changes. In versus it probably does but I rarely play versus so i can’t judge. I just don’t want them to nerf it in versus and as a result screw over horde players using it.

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I’m not sure. It’s way too easy to kill with. It may be a power weapon, but it’s right at spawn so it’s not like it has to be fought for. I feel like it does too much damage for the RoF it has, and has insane spread. Would like to see a damage decrease, or even a tighter spread because as of right now it takes no brain power to use it whatsoever. Just walk around a corner, tap-fire and spaz dafugg’ out until you get a kill, pretty much.

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I’d make it a high powered gnasher, and have one bullet instead of two. Double the range and power of the gnasher for the overkill.

I’ve always thought the gun was amazing (Maybe too amazing) but on the same note, I’m baffled by the amount of people that pass it up in games. Is something really a problem and should something be addressed if many players can’t even be bothered to pick it up and use it?

I’d leave it as is, but I’d definitely alter the respawn timer. Make it where it begins countdown timer after use, not after pickup.

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As soon as I get a few kills with it (usually KOTH) everyone in the lobby suddenly remembers how strong it is and I’ll occasionally have a fight over it.

I don’t understand why the respawn timer is treated the same as the Boltok or Markza but that would be my main change too.

I like it the way it is.

(guilty of always grabbing the Overkill first)

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