Gears 5 overheating my xbox

Gears 5 is overheating my xbox. Never has any game ever caused overheating. It might be because I’m streaming on game pass.? But someone should fix the issue. Nothing is wrong with my xbox by the way, its the game or the xbox game pass streaming.


Yes i found out the same thing just today.
I have a Xbox One x and i checked the back of Console and it was surely heating more!
And i didn’t even play long.Fix this!

Game Pass isn’t a streaming service.

But what the OP says is true.I just now got disconnected for 100 th time.Checked the back of xbox and its overheating!
After only 30 minutes it is heating too much!

Your console has safety features that make it shut down if its overheating to prevent damage.
If it isn’t shutting down, it isn’t overheating.

My Xbox is definitely hotter while running the game… What the friggity fuhhhh… And the ranking system is down and the horde servers give me RAGANI error… Disappointed tbh…

It’s the same thing here. Xbox is rediculously hot when going through Gears 5 campaign. It got to the point where my whole console shut itself off. It has never done this with any other game I played. It’s a bit concerning.

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Yeah, been playing on my original xbox one. It’s never run this hot before, has yet to shut down but it looks like heat is causing the game to not save progress properly. I’ve seen the saving icon appear when its hot and not go away then the game has hung and when ive started it again I’ve had to go back a check point.

Cool game. Is it overclocking the xbox? Is that even possible?

I can’t even start a normal Gears 5 campaign before my Xbox One X shuts down … haven’t tried accessing other parts of the game yet. Glad to see I am not the only having this issue.

Does anyone know if they are going to fix this. My system is running really hot and I have it in a cool area. Weird

I’m having the same exact problem. No other game makes my Xbox shut itself off except Gears 5. I also have it on Game Pass so hopefully the coalition will hear about this problem and come up with a fix sooner or later. For now, I’m gonna take a two day break from the game and then come back to see if there is any difference.

If you’re on the One X it seems to work itself hard to push those graphics. The one S doesn’t run it at the same capacity so it doesn’t run as hard. Also, yeah you’re One X will shut itself off if it get too hot. If it overheats and doesn’t shut off it means your xbox is broken anyways.

I think its something to do with Gamepass as well as Gears 5. But Honestly its a waste of time only being able to only play for 30 mins. They really do need to take a look into this. Its been a week and still no acknowledgment…


I have noticed my fan going also after an hour or two of playing and again. No other game causes this to happen…

I have an Xbox One X and output 4K. Now I also have one of those little USB console fans to aid. But Gears 5 froze my console a few days ago. Dashboard locked up and functions stopped responding. The system froze until I had to perform a hard reset and power cycle. After that the console wouldn’t turn on. It would turn on and then turn itself off for about 4 hours. I’m assuming that’s a safety feature against heat. Room was a comfortable 65 degrees. Console is horizontal and in the open. No dust and well maintained living space. The same thing happened after playing earlier today. Only this time it corrupted my save files for every game and I had to remove my account and re-add it. This is flat out dangerous to the console. I do not want to have to replace the system because a game is causing the system to overheat.

This reminds me of the Anthem release and it literally bricking people’s game consoles permanently.

Not to defend Anthem, but no one’s consoles were permanently bricked. That was all BS. In theory, overheating shutdowns could cause a soft brick, but I never even saw evidence of that.

The internet is no different that everyday life, a large chunk of what people say is BS.

The bricking required a complete re-installation of the PS4 or Xbox operating system. Requiring a USB thumb drive and computer to download the offline update and knowledge of how to perform such a task. People who didn’t back their games install on an external drive had to reinstall everything. Doing this can cause problems with retrieving save data from cloud services. Sometimes resulting in a complete failure to retrieve save data entirely. Causing people to lose all save progress in games. It can also cause hardware problems, especially when it’s heat related. Thankfully systems have a safeguard in place to protect itself. But sometimes that doesn’t always work as planned. Regardless. No video game should ever be released with the possibility of causing any of the above mentioned issues.

That’s not a permanent brick. A permanent brick would be… permanent. My original point stands.

The situation sucks enough, it doesn’t need exaggeration or embellishment.

It makes it sound more serious. But you’re right.

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My XboxOneX also overheats and shuts down mostly after around 20-40 minutes of Gears5. It only happens when playing Gears5. Other games, even OneX-Enhanced ones, can be played for hours without a problem. I already cleaned the fans and stuff, but it keeps happening, especially when I’m streaming on mixer while playing.