Gears 5 or for a future Gears game?

I just thought about this for a long time now… This is probably asking a bit much and take a lot of development and creation here. Maybe years in the future? Can we have expanded maps and have big team battles with vehicles? The vehicles in the campaign are really fun. I know the silver back was a vehicle you can use in Gears Of War 3, but I am talking about tanks, and other vehicles. Then TCA introduced even more vehicles and in my opinion, they just got better.people can still run around with their guns and kill players, but make it interesting by throwing vehicles in the mix. It may not be the ideal that a lot of people may not enjoy, but we give it a try.I want to use the vehicles more and watch players body parts spaller everywhere. It would make a interesting game play and who knows, maybe this is a new playlist that people are looking for. IDK, I thought I would share something that might make Gears more fun. Gears has its own unique game play for 2 decades. Nearly everyone loves Horde, So why not make a multiplayer with vehicles that can actually move and shoot at players. I think it would be fun.

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No. Just stop with these silly ideas. Why do people want to change Gears and make it like every other shooter out there? These “ideas” are really getting old already. We don’t need more vehicles. The vehicles in the game now should be all.