Gears 5 or 4 main menu music

Witch menu music do you like better gears 4 or gears 5?

4 Going off the Main Menu

But I actually like 5s Campaign menu music unfortunately campaign lacks a new game+ so I don’t go there often

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Old gears even judgment have better music menu

4 wasn’t great but it was a kinda catchy and I remember humming it to myself after only hearing it a few times. New game has the same composer but I feel the delivery is a bit uninspired.

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Gears 5 Campaign and Escape Main Menu Theme. Campaign was apparently “Kait’s Theme” but I don’t remember what Escape Menu Theme was. Versus and Horde Menu Theme aren’t great.

Gears 4 made me want to turn Music Volume to 0.


Gears 5, but maybe that’s because it’s newer.

Gears 2 has the overall best followed by Judgement.

I hated g4 music. Eventually turned it off. G5 much much better.

Gears 5.

It’s literally the only good thing about the game, excluding all Myrrah-related content.

Idk when just sitting in front main menu I feel gears 4 has a cooler darker tone then gears 5. Gears 5 sounds to modern and upbeat

I love the hord menu music, it reminds me of the music in 2 when your riding on the grind lifts right before they show the gears of war 2 logo. 2 is still better but I like the epic going to war vibe.

Any of the Gears 5 tracks easily.

4’s main menu made me wanna go to sleep.