Gears 5: Operations Explained - Future Updates and Content

TC have released an article detailing the future of Gears 5 post launch.

This includes what Operations are and what they include:

-Tour of Duty Refresh
-New Modes
-New Maps
-Major Features
-“Always Something To Do”


Have to say this looks really promising and I look forward to playing it.


I do like the Team Metal Gnasher!

Will have to see what the Supply Drops are and get a good look at the store.


What ever happened to making a finished game at launch? They spent close to 3 years making a bare bones game. Don’t get me started on the campaign length and ending

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The point is to carry on providing content and new maps as well as challenges.

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Not happy that we don’t have AT LEAST at launch all the characters from the campaign.

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Idk, my guy. I think making a great game(that can stand it’s ground without dlc/add-ons) should come first.

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Love how the show leaderboards as something NEW.


Also, not a single legendary character to unlock in ToD. The last unlock is a skin.

The ToD free unlocks are going to be a complete joke.

Also the supply drops, going to be mass packed with gestures and sprays

The two least wanted items as always.

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As do I.

I don’t have any interest in the character skins though.


But then if you can add stuff post launch then why not?

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Ice Kait for COG and undecided on Swarm yet.

Will see what eSports brings and look at the Store too.

I’ve already decided that I’m using either Kat or Emile from Halo Reach for COG until either Anthony, Ben or Clayton appear.


Ah yes,

That worked out well for you as a Halo fan!

You just reminded me,

Terminator Skin for Swarm till I see something else :sweat_smile:

That it did.

It’s ridiculous a main stay such as Carmine is once again late to the party though.

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I’ll all for post launch stuff but make a good game first. A good game will always retain a decent playerbase. The game should be solid on it’s own and then have dlc/live-service goodies to compliment it.

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They will wait and then HYPE the hell out of the Carmines again :sweat_smile:


That’s… exactly how it is.

Is it though?
TC hasn’t addressed the reverse omen feedback & the lackluster roster at launch.

Inverse Omen is a bad idea so naturally they keeping it.

Lack of content is addressed with Operations.

I like the new system overall. Interesting that we only get new tiles for Escape but there is no promise of Coalition created Escape map(s) for every operation. I really hope it is not entirely up to community to build Escape maps as we move forward although it is great we have the option. Or is it so that they will release every week a map based then on the new tiles?