Gears 5 operation four

So I played a 2v2 rank match, and FFA matches. I got this result every time. I am unable to get points. This is a interesting ranking system, that is if it worked for me. I hope it is not me, and other people are getting the same results as me. I don’t mean oh I don’t want them not getting points. No, I just hope the players getting the same results as I do, they too can get it fixed. The more people that get this problem, I am guessing this will get fixed a lot sooner? IDK. This is really strange. I am also on PC. not sure if this makes a huge difference but just in case it does. If you are getting what I am getting, please like, and feel free to comment. let’s get this fixed and let everyone have fun! Thanks TC

You weren’t the only one. The servers were down 2hrs ago. Tends to happen with a newly released operation. They’re fixed now however. TC stated this on their Twitter.