Gears 5 | Operation 8 Trailer

No sophia or Jacinto…sad

I think it was the Savage Grenadier

Marauder has the snail on its chest lol

wish it was the hunter though


It’s a scion :pensive:


I’m the kind of person to be happy with anything new. Im very easy to please lol not much complaining coming from me.

In terms of skins for existing characters I want Winter for Scorpio Squad.

Im sure they’ll end the last OP with Characters that alot of people have been asking for. Theres not many choices left for TC in terms of characters that aren’t in the game at this point. Unless they just make up someone again like the Cog Commandos lol


Other than Marauder and Hunter the others would be skins for regular Locust.

sheesh people need to relax, i remember when we used to get a couple of maps and then a loong wait… no operations.

we need to wait for the full post, looks good! getting a character never seen before (that looks amazing btw) and there is still more content to unveil.

Enjoy the game!

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That scion does look diesel though.

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I’m honestly surprised they haven’t brought the V-day and savage skins in full force.

Maybe saving them drop 2, but who knows.

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the heavy breathing while running is why I don’t play as Scions or use the imagos often


What are you on about? The map packs had multiple maps in them and in 3 they added in character skins as well

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I hope they are skins, me personally the lambent should have been just skins but they made them whole characters, so im honestly expecting them to do the same

You’re right. It is Bernie. You can see “Mataki” on her armor


Hollow Storm Bernie basically

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Where is Oscar? His model is already in the game! Can’t believe he still hasn’t been released.

pretty cool to see. I like how Hoffman and Bernie both got skins for their younger years.

no where and for good reason!


I can’t wait for to make the decision to shoot Carlos or not :wink:

Same here, except I’m not really a Bernie fan but I’m happy for the other people who finally get her back. And what looks like a comic skin of Bermie from the pendulum wars.

I literally only want 2 skins: classic commando and gears 3 dom

But clearly people want dress uniform Hoffman more :unamused:


I’d rather have Oscar over generic COG soldiers though.

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3,650 days since Valera…