Gears 5 - Operation 8 - Top 100 rewards - HELP~!

Season ended today and I did log in and get my top 1000 skins for the season but have not yet received my top 100 skin? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Gears 5 - S8 - #84

Anyone curious:
If you finish in the top 100

Playlist Grandmaster Banner
Trinity Skorge
Grandmaster Obsidian Gnasher
Golden Heart Bloodspray
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I have not either and i finished 22 (before sleep). Probably just a bug and they will roll later?

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I didn’t receive my top 100 stuff either.

For now I would just give it some time. TC are not exactly known for handing out rewards straight off the bat.

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This made me laugh.

I’m glad.

Pretty bad, tbh. It’s a shame they can’t figure it out after 8 operations.

Thats TC… the gameplay is good but they always screw up other details like this. Leaderboards, rewards, took them how long to have a “delete all duplicate” button previously? Sometimes we load a game and can’t vote map for whatever reason. All these little details TC always had issues with them.

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Not received mine either

Last season they told us it could be 48 hrs before receving them. I still haven’t got this new one as we speak…

Haven’t got mine either

I made top 100 but didn’t get trinity skorge why not?

Same here

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i finished #24 for this season in tdm. When i logged in i got my top 1000 rewards but no obsidian grandmaster gnasher or trinity skorge. My friend who is also in top 100 didn’t receive his either . How long until we get those?

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I already have him since last season but now I’m looking for the grand master gnasher (black) and it’s still not here

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I remember the older ranked/competitive rewards taking a week or so to roll out fully.


Thanks for information pepper :v:

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Last operation my top 100 skins where given a couple of hours after. Rebooted the console and game a couple time then it was there…

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It’s variable for sure. With a smaller player base now maybe it’ll be quicker? I haven’t played competitive for a few operations now. Last time I got any competitive rewards might have been Op 5 and it took me about 48 hours for them to appear. One of my friends had to wait about 4 days.

For some reason I feel like this skin is Cursed I have it but when I play with it seems like I lose more often then when I use another skin :wink:


Cause when you have it, then you have a target on your back. People want to find out if you’re better than them, so they’ll come after you. So far, I will say I haven’t been impressed by anyone I’ve come across wearing the skin. Not saying this applies to you. It’s probably just my luck. I didn’t look at your record. I realize some top 100 are actually good. It’s probably 50/50 between those who were good versus those who simply grinded the heck out of it.

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