Gears 5 Operation 5: Gears 55? lol Seriously though, This may actually be a HUGE breakthrough

Like the title implies, I really believe this may be the Prince that was promised. The redemption curve for TC and Gears 5. I truly do and here is my simple answer why.

It seems like we have been asking for Maps and Characters for ages and we haven’t been getting much of anything that we truly desire. I’m talking the real juicy stuff aside from Carmine and whatever. Obviously, according to many, there is other issues but my personal biggest beef with this game was how PVE was setup so differently with characters compared to PVP, that it was like trying to develop two different games… In a sense, if you feel me… It put a lot of strain on content, specifically characters I feel like. This PVE rework is great because it will allow any character to be played from what I understand and have complete flexibility.

That alone in my eyes is a complete game changer to me for some reason and I love it! Despite the fact that I never play Horde and Escape. But now that they are going more for a Gears 4 vibe. I may actually start playing these modes, specifically HORDE though. Never really cared about escape as a game mode. The concept is neat, or rather the story perhaps.

And of course, before we get into discussion my fellow Gears fans, you know I gotta say it…
But… I just want one thing in Operation 5. Chrome Steel Armored Kantus, whether it be a Stalker variant or the OG Armored Kantus. And of course, The default OG Armored Kantus XD. I love both Armored Kantus’s equally :smiley:

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Intentional GoT reference?


I don’t know what that is lol.

No. This was actually a Halo reference regarding Halo Infinite… xD Since Halo 5 was also suspected of being the Prince that was promised, but ended up failing for obvious reasons lol.

Give me my Winter and/or CS Lizzie then we can talk about skins.

Otherwise I’d prefer to refer to this as Gears 5.1, since it seems like TC is finally starting to catch up on most of the fixes to complaints that have existed since launch.

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I like Winter Characters, but you gotta understand I’m referring to Locust here for me xD.
And with Locust, there isn’t really Characters… Just skins. So, you can’t really compare COG and Locust in the same manner, You know what I mean? That is why you see more COG Characters than Locust, but Locust are not really Characters. They basically have 3 to 4 sub-species and a whole bunch of different skins for those sub-species. But I do like the Winter skins.

I get that. Just saying, they have only done boring/lackluster skins for Lizzie since putting her into the MP modes in Op 2.

You know… Saying Gears 5.1 Reminds me of the Anthem rework, They are calling that Anthem 2.0.

Too bad that game is already damaged beyond repair. Most people just want it to stay dead. To be honest, I can’t see myself ever going back to Anthem.

Game of thrones I believe.
Also might of been King instead of prince???


The way that show ended was debatable XD

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The prince who was promised was a prophecy in the books and to a lesser extent the show that multiple characters were suspected of being said prince.

I thought the OP was referencing that.

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Ohhh ok :+1:

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Hello. Halo nerd here. I don’t quite get your correlation between the statement “The prince that was promised” in regards to halo. Don’t recall that ever being a thing in the franchise. Unless there’s some comic or book I’m unaware of.

If you can fly around with healing beams as ghost dom im killing myself over this stupid update idea low tier people whines into existence. Make it happen coalition.