Gears 5 Operation 5. Can we please get Golden Hunter // Plus show the Locust some more love would ya? :3

This shouldn’t be considered a New Character since it is literally a Grenadier sub class with the same sub species but also, the reason that I want Golden Hunter before normal Hunter is just because… Well… It’s better in my opinion. Operation 5 looks to be really good so far aside from many bugs and the FFA glow.

But I would really like to start seeing some really good skins and characters. Which means I really hope to see some really good Locust Skins. At least a few for God sake.

Also COG get way too much of the good stuff? Why aren’t the Locust getting some love? The Lambent theme is all fine and dandy… but not my cup of tea.


I want that locust drone seen the campaign as a skin


Absolutely! Looks slick :+1:t2:


I’m actually confused on what he is referring to xD

The Locust at the Mount Kadar Lab… “the first succesful hybrids” at the end of Act 2


If we get Golden Hunter you know we gotta get the Golden Miner to go alongside and that sweet GOW 3 style Golden Gear

Also if we really want to go for locust skin love where’s my boy the Grappler with the thick and heavy goggles/helmet

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If it would be great and that they start by putting the original voices in Spanish of the locust and not the voices of the scion, it would be greatly appreciated

It would be nice if TC included ‘Beast rider’ skin sometime mid OP5

The Diaper-drones?


He’s in the tour already.


Wow guess I scrolled too fast through the TOD without noticing it…

Thanks for pointing this out!

The more this Company goes foreward the more the fans ask it to go backwards.

you really don’t know what I mean by FFA Glow? lol You poor thing xD

It’s the glow that appears on you when you have the most kills in a FFA match.

Diaper-drones? LOL. Yeah, that’s them :wink: