Gears 5 - Operation 4 Reviewed - TC has Improved Massively


While it is too late for me to watch a video(especially something big) right now… I do agree Op 4 has been a definite step in the right direction. Our new community manager is also quite friendly, lovely, useful and funny too.

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Watched this now… there’s only one real aspect I want to comment on for Op 4 to do with the earning of items on past Tours.

I personally am not really into exclusives because I just get items that I like for that purpose and not because not many others will have it. But when I saw that TC offered the Finger Point expression in the Store now while it was a thing only earned by doing the Escape medals tab, I was kinda annoyed by it because of the fact that it required all 10 featured(weekly) Escape hives in Op 1 to be done and it was very difficult, drawn out and frustrating to get them done, and now everyone can get it very easily. That is really the only item I have any issue with being so easily obtainable because I could’ve spared myself the frustration of the Master runs and their many failures until finding a strategy that worked by just waiting to buy it in Op 4.

It’s just a minor bother but still sorta meh. The rest is good though, especially that TC are letting players get the Campaign character skins now at any time. I don’t think those should’ve been in the Tour to begin with. And that’s from someone who got those in it.