Gears 5 Operation 4 "Basic" Medal Guide

Hey all,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a medal guide. While I’m sure most of you have already made tons of progress in Operation 4 this guide is to show methods to be fast and efficient with your time. This guide tackles the “Basic” section of the Tour of Duty which nets you 2,000 coins. However, it touches a total of 15 medals (not fully branched out just yet), which means more coins in your hands faster for the new Gears 5 store. Below will recap how to complete these medals, however, if you prefer a video guide. You’ll be able to find that above.

There’s 6 medals you must complete.

  1. Team Medic - Revive 150 teammates
  2. Executioner - Perform 150 executions
  3. Finish Them - Kill 4,000 enemies
  4. Marksman - Get 500 headshot kills
  5. Bodycount - Get 12,000 eliminations; and lastly
  6. Carnage - Get 10,000,000 damage in all game modes.

The easiest way to complete these medals is to read below:

  • Team Medic - Load up Horde. Select wave 42/43. Play as Jack with AI Bots on. Activate the More Health, More Lethal, and Regen Penalty modifiers. This will allow the AI teammates to get downed quicker and not quick enemies as quick. After 15 minutes this medal should be completed.

  • Executioner - Load up Horde. Select Wave 5 and be Kait or Mac as they both spawn and start with the Retro Lancer. Continue to retro charge enemies and you’ll get this medal and also the Retro Body Count medal.

  • Finish Them / Bodycount - While kills and eliminations are different, as a solo player they count the same. Load up Escape on Beginner selecting the hive “The Detour”. Play as Lizzie, Lahni, Emile, Cole, Grace, or Marcus. There will be what feels like an infinite amount of Juvies that spawn. Kill them over and over. If leeches spawn, restart the lobby.

  • Carnage - Load up Horde. Select Kait or anyone high powered offensive hero you have. Select Wave 20 and enable the More Health modifier. This will net you 200,000 damage per wave. Die before killing the last enemy and restart.


Awesome post, thanks.

Only thing I would change though is that for the Executioner tip, you can choose any character that has a medal for damage tied specifically to them, e.g. Baird, and just buy the Retro.

A Cole with Torch Tackle, Pyromaniac and All The Glory can also do this and more effectively. Even the Leech spawn can be used. It nets about 750-850 in one go with the Leeches in my experience, in a few minutes. Takes longer though(8-10 min) because the Leech spawn has a lot more of them by the third saferoom while the Juvies take about 4-5 minutes(times for both include passing through the hive prior to third saferoom location), but also seem to only go up to around ~380 kills per attempt.

Anyone other than Cole, I would agree that the Leech spawn should not be attempted to farm because they simply cannot be cleared out effectively enough.


I would prefer using Fahz with his X-Ray for headshots. It seems best on Juvie and Imago waves since they’re easier to get more headshots from than DB and Leech / HB Drone waves.

What would be the west way? :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed. This I would say this is for more of the advanced players out there that know how to properly play/use Cole. I always aim for the easiest / effective route while maintaining some form of speed.

For Team Medic, if you have a friend, do an Escape hive (doesn’t matter which one) and when you get to the end, have your friend stand in the door as they close. As they close on them, spam your revive button and you should get a bunch of revives that way. It is a good idea to do those at the end of Surge runs since you can get multiple things done in one fell swoop.

Is there any way to check your progress aside from them just showing up at the end of a round?