Gears 5, open bootcamp from 19-29

First off i am NOT asking TC to extend the tech test, what i am asking though is that TC lets us play bootcamp (and the vs bots mode that comes with it) to be able to really test features, weapons, and other major things that people have been concerned about. Now i don’t expect to be able to earn any rewards playing the bootcamp and i would suspect bootcamp is offline so having it available shouldn’t be too much of a problem, so @TC_Octus can you throw this idea around?


Actually not a bad idea. I would like to test out Gnasher and movement to see what has changed from gears 4. With arcade mode many won’t even play with Gnasher and other weapons. I think it’s a good idea but it likely won’t happen.


Support this👍

Making the bootcamp mode available to all Xpass/Pre-Order players right up till launch would definitely give any new players to the franchise time to get into Gears before the game finally launches. The bigger the community the better.


They should definitely leave it open longer.


Would be a pretty cool idea! maybe after the test is done they could release it as a demo. Would be a good idea so people can train and understand the game more while giving new players a try