Gears 5 Op4 Maps


is there difference in a featured map vs the release map?

Meaning in op4 we have the below. are they all considered feature maps:

Blood drive

Just these 4 right?

Yes, if you click on horde in the main menu you should see the “featured”-tab in the middle. Probably gonna be a weekly change.

so you think i have to master it while its feature to get achivo?

You shouldn’t have to or the achievement would be unavailable in the future. But just do it to be certain.

Like the events from Gears 4 or Judgment?

got it.

Well, apparently you only need 3 maps since my tracker is currently at 33%.

Sybarite is on the 360 and not on TC, but Epic(or PCF, whoever handled MP). And they did say they were going to make the Midnight Omen and Flaming ones craftable, as soon as they stop pushing off that final Gears 4 update.

It was supposed to happen in January, and regardless it is still unobtainable for people, as is Sybrite

great have to play all four to find out which three.

Mastered Blood Drive earlier on today and the achievement has not updated. So either this is one of the maps that you don’t need, you have to go into featured horde for it to count or my achievement will simply correct itself at a later stage.

What happened to MS not allowing developers to make achievements that can’t be conpleted past a certain time? Yes that was a thing. Multiplayer achievements have always sucked. They didn’t take account of servers being shut off either.