Gears 5 OP 6 huge let down

Blademaster with thrill of the hunt and a bleeding enemy will help you survive a pipe shot. Without that its instant kill. Of course the reach of the pipe Locust is a bit much when diving back.

I am sure we will never get a straight answer about this its been so long since they said “we are working on it” lol

Yep even if they’re scrapped for next to nothing so you don’t end up with thousands of coins

Would just be nice to clear the crazy amount of duplicates we all have

My theory on it is they must be doing like a different currency for just the scrapping so Iron doesnt end up being worthless with everyone having what could feel like unlimited gears coins

As people will stop buying iron for boost once they max reup which takes way less time now. We can wait for store items to be gears coins what else is iron used for really?

If people have less gears coins they are more likely to use iron for purchases. All the coins from scrapping would be so high for some people they would never need iron again. And iron is one of their money makers lol

They may be temporary but are still featured in this Operation. I’m sure Control will be added into PVP before the end of Op 6.

We still have drop 2. Too many ppl keep forgetting that this is only the beginning of Op 6, not the entirety of it.

Dont have too much faith in them adding it. Would be good but for some reason i feel as though it will stay as an event.

Drop 2 having a new map and character.

They are going to run out of characters eventually :joy::joy: especially ones thats aren’t very popular or well known enough

totally agree with you.
This is a disadvantage for melee and CQC classes.

GoW BR would be fun if they tried to make it more simplistic. No crazy tuning change, no overshields, keep health regen as it is etc. I feel like it’s almost too ambitious of a project for TC — I don’t think they could do it even if they wanted to.

That logic is stupid. The operation itself isn’t permanent. We’ll include the events beause they launched with the operation.

I agree.
Except for Reina, Operation 6 it’s a pile of garbage.

And the same cheezey bot mechanics as the terminator event…

To announce they are bringing back locust and serve up that as an event is borderline insulting.
Chainsawed through it! Must have got shot at twice in ten waves. More underwhelming than expected and my hopes weren’t high.

In line with the rest of OP6

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No 5 v 5 or squads this is one crappy gears game.

Agreed, OP6 is the worst so far. Escape from Kadar is absolutely underwhelming, Control is a 2 week event and it’s ok I guess. 3 new skins, another ■■■■■■■ Gears 4 Port. TOD sucks huge ■■■, it’s almost coins only. Feels like TC has put the game on life-support. Think I’m personally done. The Tuning changes already killed the game and made it extremely tedious to continue playing. Every weapon besides the Gnasher has become useless. They basically turned it into Gears 1 again. If I want to play Gears 1 I play Gears 1. Now there aren’t even any interesting skins or Maps to look forward to. Had they at least kept the tuning we had at the beginning of OP5…That was good. But they just had to destroy it, eh.

Think I’ll return to Gears 3 or hope for a remastered collection / PC port of the older games. I went through a lot with Gears 5 and had even fun at launch. Game was in a perfect state during OP4 and at the beginning of 5. Anyways, it was fun while it lasted. Hope Gears 6 will be a reboot.

Yeah, and they still won’t let us use our Locust skins in PvE! :rage:

If they ever got off their butt and implementes that, that would greatly affect the direction of these conversations…

Without it, GC are ok for green and blue cards, hardly useful for purple, and just useless for Gold.

Absolutely gutted about OP6. Can’t even get full lobbies in quickplay on the day of a ‘major update’. RIP Gears 5.

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what are you expecting ? ?=??? There are only 5 to 6 players left in the match
No 5 vs 5, and refill does not work

Back tho 5vs5 you idiots

I played the event yesterday and the insta kills didnt really bother me as much as juvie insta kills do. Like the enemies are tougher and their drones after all getting insta killed on the highest difficulty is expected :joy: but juvies are supposed to be the weakest and flusher type enemies they shouldnt be able to insta kill you :roll_eyes:

I enjoyed the event as Melee class didnt get killed any unusual amount of times than a normal horde. Finished on Inconceivable. I did find so many lobbies though with people choosing low level classes :face_with_monocle:

I’d compare the let down of OP6 to the moment that Horde players realised that survival really was all they were getting in Judgment

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