Gears 5 OP 6 huge let down

So first of all I’m going to say I loved Gears 1-3 and I even enjoyed Gears 4s multiplayer but Gears 5 has just been mediocre since launch.

How do we wait months and months for new content and have low expectations and still get let down??
Things that bother me are below

  1. Content is underwhelming (maps especially)
  2. Remove stats they haven’t updated in months why have them? Bring back classic war journal
  3. Ranked feels pointless same boring modes that you can’t even run with a full team
  4. Horde hasn’t been fun since Gears 3
  5. Free to plays and other games In general are just out preforming Gears in everyway
  6. Battle royal won’t save gears because the devs can’t compete with apex warzone fortnite etc.
  7. Gears needs a new “big mode” something fans will love.

Im not hating believe it or not I’m just saying Gears needs to be great again.


Its drop 1. Another drop (supposedly much more significant) is in a few weeks.

At bare minimum you’re getting 1 map and 3 characters per month.

You got a brand new Tour, new characters, new PVP mode, new PVE event, and more to play/grind.

Before you know it drop 2 will be here. Yeah launching with Speyer was odd, but it’s too early to judge the entire Operation.

And Horde is the best its ever been in Gears, what are you smoking?


Once you get there, i dont disagree…

But the process to upgrade/level up the cards is the most annoying and grindy it has ever been, in Gears…


I like a lot the new mode. It’s simple but very fun at the same time.
I’d like to see it in ranked, along with guardian.

These are both temp they will be gone in 2 weeks.

I wouldnt really include them as part of the operation if they were permanent maybe but they are not.

Op 6 literally is just 1 map and 3 characters like he says, i would have been happy maybe sticking with my legend rank.

Basically they could of put these events as normal weekly events and put the characters in the store and we wouldnt have known any different to what we have now didnt need to be an operation.


Certainly should’ve mixed up ranked by adding guardian in.

I personally feel it’s deserved considering how popular it is even sitting in quick-play.

And yeh the new modes look alright but they’ve stated they’ll be here for 2 weeks. If control does play well that needs to be added perm, to be honest they’ve should’ve just put that straight into ranked and gave it a real test.

Control (or gridiron/escalation)
King of the hill

My personal Ranked season with no squad limit. Sure moan about no FFA or 2v2s but it’s about trying new stuff every ranked season imo alongside the two staples KOTH & TDM.


They have said before they do these things to see how popular a mode is.

I think they said last op in a stream they are putting a guardian event in to see how it does with the community and dana said something like if you like guardian play the event a lot as it could mean it staying something like that.

Which is why they removed ranked Escalation obvs it was the opposite not played enough compared to other modes.

When i say last op i mean 4 not 5.

Escape From Kadar is really awful as well. The Locust Hybrids literally insta-kill you with a single swing of their Pipes. Absolutely ridiculous considering Wardens put you down in a DBNO state first.


Guardian doesn’t need an event, it’s clearly pretty popular in quick play as it’s a much loved classic game mode

I literally find a game in no time.

Control will no doubt be popular from the off as nowadays these are the modes that get the numbers in. In the dev stream they dived in very deep for a mode which will be around for two weeks. Should’ve been in ranked to freshen it the hell up

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@TC_MichaelAOS did say that would happen it just part of the gameplay. Cannot let them get close lol which is why he said its engineers time to shine

Yeah in the last stream they said pipe Locust will insta kill you if they get a shot in.

Exactly its getting the attention, but its still not ranked doesnt make sense, would prefer guardian to free for all.

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Doesn’t matter. It’s a really poor gameplay decision as far as I’m concerned. Really horrible.

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Ahh give it a chance. See it like the juvies insta killing we all love that lol

@Bleeding_Pepper i imagine melee classes are out of the question ? Lol

FFA is just a wasted space and so is 2v2s. Quick play/warm up modes. Not really ranked worthy imo.

If we are gonna have 2v2s its gotta be wingman hasn’t it :rofl: no brainier.

I’d love to have them all in but it seems they stick with 4 modes for ranked now, which is probably right considering how low the player count is. Either way guardian deserves its time in a ranked setting.

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Depends if you can hit them before they hit you. I don’t know if classes with higher damage resistance could take a hit and survive though.

Do people even play 2v2 gnasher, must just get repetitive eventually.

What i dont like is that this control feels like Escalation and king of the hill but we already have king of the hill perm so what maks this control better? the ring is bigger ? And you have to stay in it ? :face_with_monocle: they prob could have just gone gnasher only king of the hill and left it at that than going through all the effort of a new event for ONLY 2 weeks.

Lets not forget for some reason Gridiron is gone whats up with that :face_with_monocle:

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Control seems more like hard point (cod talk) so there are differences.

I do like how you have to stay in the ring. Adds some spice to the mode.

From what Michael said i feel as though anyone is a insta kill no matter what cards? What difficulty did you play? Be interesting to know if its only insta on like the highest or from beginner which would be stupid if you can be insta killed on beginner :joy::joy::joy:

It used to be until they introduced Gold, since then its been much better.

But not being able to scrap duplicates for Gold is still a big issue.