Gears 5 OP 5 Card Spreadsheet

Hello fellow Gears!

I put together a spreadsheet a while back to keep up with my card/skills data so that I would know how far away I was from maxing certain classes, either via the number of Card Dupes I needed or the Gears Coins required to reach max.

I’ve decided that it is now ready for public consumption, but I’ve never done anything like this before, so please let me know if this link does not work:

I’m not sure how well this will work with Google Sheets, so you may want to download it and open in Excel. I super-duper promise this is a safe, virus free file!

On the first tab, labeled “Data”, you’ll need to go Class by Class, card by card and fill out your own information. As mentioned on this tab, I’ve left the first Class filled out with my current data for reference.

You only need to enter data on three columns: Level, Dupes at Level, and Horde Order. A fourth column, Sort, can/should be used AFTER you fill out your Horde Order column for each class. Per the instructions on the screen, there are detailed instructions in comments of cells if you hover over the red triangle

On the second tab, labeled “Summary”, you will see a bunch of summarized data based on what you fill in on the Data tab. You can use the filters on the column headings to sort or filter the data to your liking.

Also, on the Summary tab, in the top left, you’ll see a cell that says “Select Metric:”, and beside it, the default is “Card Dupes.” If you click on the “Card Dupes” cell, which is shaded slightly yellow, you should get a drop down which will allow you to select “Gears Coins” instead.

Removing certain Types or Classes via the filter will cause all of the Totals lines at the bottom to re-calculate with just the displayed data point.

Please let me know if you all find any errors and if you find it helpful. I know I certainly do! :grinning:


Wow dude,

I stand by what I said before. Nice work.



Oh sweet, I was wondering if such a thing existed, thanks for the all the hard work on making this.

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Thank you and great job!
I was asking on the forums since OP4 if someone had created this spreadsheet, its nice to know that it has been completed!

Also, if possible could you expand the spreadsheet by adding this feature?

Numerical values of a card for each card level from lvl 1 to lvl 6
(for example, at card level 4, Brawler’s Pyromaniac card deals 40% extra damage, at card level 5, it deals 50% extra damage and at level 6 it deals 60% extra damage)

Hey Satin,

@Lambent_Lail could probably add this, however with as much as TC changes card values it would be best to leave this off, otherwise he will updating this a lot. Up to him, but it would be a bunch of extra work.


I wouldn’t mind adding it, but the problem is getting all of that data. How would I go about finding the numbers for cards that I’ve already leveled up?

@Hu1k_Daddy is right about TC and their changes. I don’t mind keeping the spreadsheet updated, but it would have to be a community effort to find all the data.


Yes @Ektope also mentioned this earlier in the post of mine. You are correct, this would be a community effort to find the data.

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I put 1 in each of the horde order to get a total cards. I also added a few horizontal lines to improve the readability.

I dont play support. :laughing:
Both my engineers are good despite the relative low score. My del has it were it counts - probably should have filled in the “horde order” column correctly for him.
Im working on mac now.
Emile is the only OK one from the promotional ones, and i didnt but grace.

The Horde Order is meant to help the sort column on the Data tab. Entering a 1 in each cell doesn’t help you get the total card count per class. That’s actually already shown on the Summary tab, in the gray box marked “All.”

Also, I didn’t add the borders because I usually sort the Summary tab to see what I need to grind easiest. For instance, I’ll sort how many Purple dupes I need to max a class from A-Z so I can quickly see who needs the most, and then do Surge runs with that class.

If you really don’t play Support and don’t care to see it’s data, use the “Type” filter to quickly remove all those Classes and your Totals will auto-calculate only the other three Types.

Glad to see someone else is using it! :+1:t2: