Gears 5 Online , play online against bots

So I have a question about the online Gears 5 and here it is - I want to unlock skins on Gears 5 but I don’t want to play against or with other players or mabey against one or 2 of my friends with bots added in versus or Horde , is there a way for me to level up and do the challenges to unlock skins without playing againt’s 20 different people, is there a way to play just with one friend and unlock skins or level up with bots added to the game? Is there a way to play alone online against bots and level up on xp and skills to unlock the skins, because where I stay the world there aren’t that strong tower’s and my ping is about 160 to 250 - 160 at the best…
Please Help!?

You can play Co-op by yourself (with other players) against bots. The downside is, you can only play as the COG team…

Horde mode can also be played by yourself, (with bots) or with your friends. It’s pretty easy to earn the weapon medals by starting a private Beginner Horde lobby. And concentrating on getting easy kills for those medals. (Like 100 Longshot kills with Fahz) If you’re smart, you pick one character and ‘grind’ multiple medals in 1 single Horde session. It goes faster that way.

I earn all my daily objectives, and medals just by playing Horde and Co-op mode that way. And I’m near the end of the Tour without boost… (I do play every day though)

And you have until June I believe. So still plenty of time to get some skins/complete the Tour. :wink:

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