Gears 5 one year Anniversary is underwhelming

don’t really care for the 6x XP all that much RE-UPS are pointless…
now for characters in horde and escape its nice but that’s it.

the 1 year Anniversary weapon set is terrible actually anybody in these forums including me could come up with a better design.


Same here, I think TC overestimates Boost and think they’ll get praised by giving it away… Nevermind the fact they are the ones behind the grind fest that are the 50 re ups.


From what I have seen, Dana says there is still a surprise to come for the anniversary. I highly doubt this 3x xp is that surprise.

Free is still free.

got my 20 re-up chivo. this will help me get to 30 re-up chivo faster


Was that from a stream today?

If there was something else, why wouldn’t they hype or hint at it?

Nah i think it was last week or something rather. I remember Red saying something about it.

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glad you are enjoying the grind I just think re-ups are pointless they look so bad

Dana had mentioned they planned more for the Gears 5 anniversary than Sam, Minh and Sraak… but no other maps, or characters afaik. I’m still questioning whether to believe this is actually all we get. I mean, don’t get me wrong, an XP boost is nice for those who can use it(I have not checked the weapon skins in-game yet)… but I can’t help but feel this is just a little lackluster.

I really wanted an event. Me and some of my buddies were talking about jingle juvies and how much we loved that event. The 6x XP is great for me as I’m 20 lvls away from reup 30 and I can make a strong push towards 40 so I’m great full for that but do understand that an occasion such as an anniversary of a big game like this deserves more/better celebration.


I agree 100%…its beyond lackluster. Unless they surprise us with more character skins or something rather, this anniversary is a complete let down…


Even if you include the Minh, Sam and Sraak skins, the event as a whole is a little mediocre.

I expected nothing and was still disappointed.

This and the 13 year anniversary of Gears 1 has me very worried. I know its unprecedented times we are in at the moment, but it’s very disappointing.

I look at how CoD does its events and Fortnite, both are live service games like Gears 5 is supposed to be, and TC are a million miles away with this game.

I hope TC dont go down this live service route in Gears 6.

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Agreed. I want to use Borderlands 3 as an example. Gearbox did weekly events for 6 weeks leading up their 1 year anniversary. They also push out a hotfix every single week. They even released a new DLC that marked the end of Year 1.

TC didn’t even throw a bone with, dare I even say it, a horde event. The 6x XP is nice but shows the glaring issues around their ridiculous Re-ups and their rewards. I really hope they come through on that fix.

I can’t say I’m that surprised by their “exciting week” but my disappointment stems from the fact that this is probably it until Operation 5.


I enjoy the 3x xp (6x boosted). Great for Horde/Escape and I enjoy it even for re-ups. I don’t mind the grind. Hell, I don’t even need to finish. Just feels good that each game I play, which will be many by the time the next Gears comes, it’s going toward some progression, however trivial. In Gears 2/3 I maxed out fairly quickly that xp meant nothing for the majority of my time on the game. This game, it may always matter. But to each their own.


When people feel entitled to something that they ruin the event just as it starts.
Im gonna go bake a cake. I’m clearly not gonna find anything interesting here to speak about.

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weapons set looks good imo, an acutual skin that is fitting for a gun, no flashy stuff, love it!

but where is the big surprise? :sweat_smile:

However people want to sugar coat it it’s a poor anniversary for a game that has struggled to kick on since launch

Imagine a map or two? Be fantastic


especially since they announced that they were gonna do something, this looks like a real nothing burger.

I thought, “oh NOW they’re gonna release gridlock, it’ll be a perfect compliment to gears 5, and a great homage to gears history.”

but no, . . . .we got boost . . .

Hey can we get an anniversary bundle?

yes but it’s $19.99
Ok can we get a free skin instead?
Yes but it’s literally the default skin
Oh ok.


Instead they butcher TDM & only parties of 2.

At the mercy of 2 other random players.

I pop off but I have to be in chat begging players to play smart or stop pushing.

Like why?! You want play duo go to another mode. Like 2v2 gnasher?

They also deleted escalation from existence, with all your stats and everything

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