Gears 5 on xcloud and samsung note20

Samsung event today was wow o wow. Really excited about playing gears 5 on mobile. But worried about lag and input delays in cloud :hot_face:
Hope this will increase gears player base exponentially

Oh I cant wait for the threads when this launches lol

While its a great concept I dont think it will be good for Gears. Theres alreadytoo many issues with consistancy and I doubt this will be any better. But we can only wait and see


They can’t even make it work for Xbox imagine mobile :joy: all they have to do is copy the previous gears games and they can’t even do that properly, I think they should stick to gears pop and just remaster the old gears trilogy… games that actually work

I’ve been playing on xcloud on my samsung galaxy s9(nine) for months now while at lunch at work, been working really good actually.