Gears 5 on Steam won't launch!

Sup Guys,

I’m normally not a regular Gears 5 player but decided to try out the new Hive Busters DLC. Updated my GTX 1070 drivers, Windows Updates and downloaded the DLC. Upon finishing the download… game doesn’t run at all. Odd.

Anyone else having any issues running Gears 5 from Steam?

Not the same but I got BSOD during juvies horde event

I downloaded Hive Busters for my Xbox One X three days ago and it won’t launch. I put several tickets in about it. I also had my brother download it and it won’t launch on his Xbox either.

Crazy… I wonder what is doing it. I’m on PC… Ryzen 7, GTX 1070, 32GB Ram… plays everything else just fine. Def let me know if they come up with anything. I guess I’ll have to fire up my HTPC and see if it works there too.