Gears 5 on PC needs to be fixed

There is a glitch on PC where textures start glitching and look low quality while also dropping frames and making the game really laggy. Yes my PC can handle gears 5 and can run 60 frames. Sometimes it gets out of control and then the games freezes but if it happens while in a ranked match you can’t leave because you’ll get a penalty.

Do you have much running in the background, I’m on pc and it seems to play flawlessly probably the only complement I can give this game actually very steady fps too locked at 90 if I lock at 120 it’s not smooth think that’s because my oc only gos to 120 on my monitor and doesn’t like it, sometimes oc cards need dialed back a touch if you have oc’ed same for cpu. Did you stop playing g4 with the splash screen crash academic they left us pc players abandoned with by any chance…its just to let you know I’ve managed to get back on last 4 days and it’s a way better game still full of players on social

Sounds maybe like you’re running out of VRAM and textures are being loaded onto RAM or something. What’s your GPU and what texture quality do you play at?

Could even be an HDD streaming issue. If it just isn’t loading things fast enough, they never get loaded in fully and could likely cause some of those issues. Had the same thing happen in Gears 2 when I was playing it off of a dying HDD.

I play on a amd rx 560 which comes with 2gb of vram, i am upgrading to a 590 soon though. But before the game was fine this just started happening recently, and usually when the game drops frames i also get the high ping network icon on my screen.