Gears 5 on PC locked at 60 FPS?

Whats up guys so im having an issue on Gears 5 where my FPS is locked at 60 fps even after setting an unlimited FPS in the graphic settings. I am on PC and never had this issue on Gears of war 4. Any one know how to unlock my Fps?

Is VSync on? (Or Gsync if you have that setup)

Vsync off and no Gsync. Gtx 1080 gpu. Was able to do 144 + Fps on gears 4 with no issues.

Update* After playing some campaign, i seem to be getting the correct FPS in campaign, but still locked at 60 FPS in multiplayer.

Gtx 1070 ti ,vram 8gb, total memory 16gb ,cpu i7-8700k vsync off yet I only get 60fps. I pull at least 240 FPS every time in fortnite. I know a lot of people having a issue getting capped at 60. Max frames is on unlimited and my minimum frames is on 90. I’m not playing on 60fps on a pc. Can we get a update on this ASAP???

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question do you have an el gato installed ?

I was running a dual pc setup with a Elgato . You cannot dual pc with a Elgato and get more then 60fps. Pretty stupid. I can play it on my one pc no Elgato and get 160 plus frames but their is no aim assist with controller on pc so back to fortnite.

Dual pc setup here as well. Agreed, no more then 60 fps when using the elgato until they implement the ability to change monitors in the video settings. Atleast for me the game is locked on one monitor source which is the el gato,

Im considering streaming gears 5 with DVI to be able to stream and play wit unlimited fps, until they hopefully come out with a fix for this.

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Hell 60fps would be an improvement for me right now. Capping out at around 30fps.

Just vsync off or do we need to have gsync disabled as well? 2080 ti here with same 60 FPS issue

Brah if they capped us at 60 fps because of xbox players im done playin gears,

vsync should be off always, unless your monitor is constantly tearing then vsync will help but will cap frames. Are you running an el gato by any chance? After experimenting and getting other players inputs this seems to be el gato capture card related and the fact that the game does not let you choose which monitor to play on in the video settings.

The game seems to default to the el gato as the monitor to play on and no way of changing it . So far ive found two fixes. 1.) play on windowed 2.) un clone your gaming monitor from your capture card.

Although these are ways to get around the 60 fps cap, I am unable to stream and play the game above 60fps and would much prefer to play full screen over windowed.

I will keep you guys updated on anything else i may find out.

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I have the same sh*t but i cant even cap 30 FPS

It’s most likely due to cross play. Same reason one x is locked 60fps because the one is probably pushing it to hit 60. There was an update on one x last year to support 120 before someone says one x cant handle it, campaign I doubt it could but versus definitely.

PC frames are not capped. I can do nearly 200 fps in multiplayer when playing on my gaming monitor uncloned from my capture card.

Any sync setting that would be limiting your frames should be turned off. This has solved a few users issues.

TC hasn’t capped frames at 60 as part of crossplay. Nothing like that.

Workaround here.


Guys I am using avermedia screen recorder (dual PC setup) and i have my monitor cloned with screen recorder. My game was locked on 60 fps. I found strange way to unlock fps in single player and multiplayer. Go to the graphics setting then in the options screen to resolution scaling and just slide from 100% to 97% or 104% then save this and game will no longer cap your game on 60 fps.

this video should help out was helping a friend when i found this

found this fix hope it helps