Gears 5 on PC - Audio is choppy and so unplayable?

Hi there,

Installed Gears 5 from Game Pass for PC and I’m getting an audio issue where it is choppy and keeps cutting out… as if I was trying to play a laggy video clip.

Strange thing is when I first run the game it was perfectly fine, but I installed the ultra gfx pack and had to restart the game and its been doing it since. I have even uninstalled the ultra pack just in case but issue still there. I have now uninstalled the whole game and reinstalled and its still got this sound issue.

I’m running the latest version of Windows, latest gfx drivers and latest audio drivers. Have my headset plugged directly to PC via USB tried all settings within the game and even re-installed gfx drivers but no dice.

My PC specs are:

9900K @5.1
16GB Ram

Game runs at like 100fps on my 3440x1440 monitor so certainly not due to lack system resource.

Anyone have any ideas, I really want to play but its completely unplayable??


Thus is happening to me… And my game crashes every time I can’t even play a full tdm game…

I hope they fix this fast… Because its frustrating

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