Gears 5 on game pass

How long do you think Gears 5 will stay on game pass before they remove it?

Will never be removed it’s a first party game


Yeah they’re doubling down on the whole game pass thing. They want the whole world on game pass and every game known to man on it as well. And maybe a price hike after.

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Really?!? Ok thank you both.

This is interesting. I thought eventually they would take it off Game Pass and would use it as a way to let players try the game and then force them to buy it. I have to say Gears is really stepping it up by not making season pass and free dlc and keeping all the Gears on game pass.

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Every single first party Microsoft game has been there since they’ve launched and none have been removed. Sea of Thieves has been there for 2 years, for example. Most games only stay for something like a year, for the ones that do get removed.


That’s what i thought too… Good to hear I’m wrong