Gears 5 Officially Broken (waiting for TC confirmation)

Game is broken.
The collectable situation normalized but I lost ALL parts for Jack, ALL 80 parts from Act 3, all of them, and I am also facing the last section now before going Act 4, so not even possible to pick up the parts to begin with.
Server side? Explain to me please Jack’s reset in parts and how I am basically unable to get the parts again unless I re-play the whole act, and while at it, any guarantee the same won’t happen again?
Obviously no, so game is broken.

Wow, I re-logged into game now, without having done anything (just pressed continue the game), it now threw me back 2 chapters with 0 parts for Jack and I have now 3 collectables but just a min ago it said I had 18, with all the parts.
Just wow TC, you really suck, no words, this kind of crap you knew can and would happen. Make the right choice and take this game offline already and fix it, save your face because have you looked at the forums lately? Not even the fanboys protecting you.