Gears 5 off line, pls help

hello, good night. I bought the game yesterday and I still haven’t been able to play it as god commands because the game doesn’t connect me and it constantly tells me offline, apart instead of putting my name on the steam account it says “elamigos” as if it were Trick, I do not know what I have to delete or do to play without problems and with my steam account without problems, thank you very much.

Well, that was a quick conversation.


wow didn’t know they were people having direct conversation with GOD.

Last person I knew was Moses and he wasn’t talking about Gears 5 .

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jaajajajjajajjjajajajjjaajajj maldito traductor de google… fallò



mi buen amigo, no te preocupes, espero pronto se pueda recuperar el tema que tienes con el juego :slight_smile:


My good friend, no worries, I really hope you can sort out the situation you have with the game

We dont need god we need jamie to do more game play changes.

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jajajajaj bueno muchas gracias!! ojala que si. vos no tenes idea de como se hace eso? por las dudas lo explico denuevo en español, me instale el juego comprado por steam, y al momento de jugar en la parte superior izquierda, me dice que me llamo “elamigos” y no me deja conectarme, no puedo usar las opciones online

exactly right my friend @jmelia123 our friend here Jaimie @Surly_McGruff its the one who makes the right changes onto the game… excellent work he does.

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