Gears 5: Not getting xp

Anyone else not getting XP when playing multiplayer (not tested any ther modes) or is this just a PC thing ? Me and a few friends of mine haven’t ranked up for most of the day.

I know there is issues currently I’m just curious

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I’m on Xbox and I’m experiencing the same issue


Having the same issue in every mode

Thats unfortunate, was hoping other modes where still ok.

Same here. They’re still fixing server stability. It might be worth waiting until there’s been a patch.

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Having the same issue.

On Console.

Yeah I found another thread after I posted on the same problem.

On Xbox. Also experiencing the same thing. Also not getting tour of duty rewards

It seems to be all accomplishments. I’ve received the same medal multiple times. I went back to check my metals after I earned one in match and it was unlocked. So pretty much anything you earn will be erased by the end of the match

Correction* it was locked

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Yeah I’m on Xbox and yesterday it wasn’t showing my after match results, but was still ranking up but never changed my rank on ranked modes. Then today I just grinder out for 5 hours straight and I’ve stayed at the same level and none of the objectives I complete from the tour are being given to me.

This is going to be a very interesting launch. Cant wait to see what monday brings to the table for this game loll

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Yeah i’m on pc also and im not getting an xp. I’m also not getting any supply drop xp.

Also when i play ranked its frozen at 5 matches to get ranked even when i play 5+ matches of ranked.

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Not getting any progress towards anything, very frustrating. Keep getting errors at the end of a match

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Same issue on Xbox. Playing and not getting exp.

Same with me, I’ve played on Xbox and the PC and haven’t gotten any xp and stats for tour of duty are not working.

I hope the exp boost timers get reset. People spend money on those. The meters are still running but the boost isn’t flowing lol

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Same here. But im stuck on needing 1 placement match tho ive played 10 + matches lol smh

Logged in and got all my xp and supply drops.