Gears 5 no soul

Okay I’m a long time fan of gears since the first game. I think most fans can agree the first three had issues but felt rewarding to play. My issues with the game are not with gameplay. I actually think gameplay mechanics are just fine in Gears 5, I like them a lot. Here are my issues.


  • Overall felt boring just because I wasn’t interested in the main character. I got the game for the multiplayer. I loved gears 1-3s story and the shadow of Raam DLC. Just in general the story from gears 4-5 are not interesting to me . The bringing back of the locust in a different form was pretty cool story wise and I can get behind that but most of the new character designs of the “swarm” look pretty bad in my opinion. I feel like there was a missed opertunity with the whole locust queen reborn thing and made no sense to me. Also I think the locust queen is the wordt design. Like something out of an adult Japanese cartoon ya feel?


  • I find most of the enemies extremly boring to fight against except the swarm drones and juvies. Horde doesn’t feel the same since Gears 3. Just an opinion but I won’t be found playing it.


  • Interesting idea. I don’t dislike it. Just not my thing for similar reasons to horde. I don’t find it fun to fight the enemies.

Multiplayer: My biggest complaint
-My favorite part of the gears series was the choice of characters to play as. There was a progresstion system and set way to unlock characters in Gears 2 and 3. Gears 4 was horrible with it but after playing for hours on end you could maybe get the character you wanted. Gears 5 has almost no way of getting any new character skins or variations of characters appearences unless you pay or grind forever. It reminds me of fortnite… except you paid for the game. People claim that micro transactions that are cosmetic only and aren’t a big deal need to wake up. The francise has been gutted and rigged for purchases. Spotting marks? Annoying and only created as a reason for an addition microtransaction. I don’t want to see poop emojis or cats as spot marks. Same thing with banners, expressions and weapon skins all useless and created for purchasing. Yeah gears 3 had weapon skins but you could buy them all in packs for a set price with plently of them for free by earning them with set challenges.

The characters you could play as in gears has become a staple. Now you have less choice in this game for characters the you did in gears 4 when it launched. I can’t even play as a normal COG soldier… or a carmine all the original cast of gears characters are non existent except Marcus. If and when they are available we’ll be given the normal version of them for “free” and have to pay for the different appearances of that character. Gears 4’s system sucked but at least you could pick what characters you wanted to “create” with the in game currency you had to grind for hours to get. This system offers nothing progression wise and the “supply drops” are worthless. Now there is going to be a bunch of different variations of the same character all with stupid skins that are universe breaking or make no sense just so more money can be made off people purchasing them. Look at gears 4. Spray painted, day of the dead, and undead skins were all just a way of making money off players and to me looked ridiculous. Undead characters could have been a really rewarding unlock for certain characters. Now I understand some ironic skins like thrash-ball Cole train or the thrash-ball drone. Even the X-mas Imago of gears 4, but the rest are just stupid variants created to make money. If everything had a progression system that indicated a path to unlocking these different skins for characters I would say sure whatever it may be stupid but it is included with the game. These operations are not a progression system. If the stuff they offered was not on a timer to unlock I’d say sure it is kinda a progression system. This is a way of pretending to offer progression by saying “hey look we offer an unlock system but you have to earn content before it’s gone.” Aka we trick players into thinking we offer something. Then when not everyone earns it or future players want content that’s gone we put the skins for sale on the in game store and profit. It’s a bs system. It feels like halo 5 all over with spartan armour that looks stupid and 3-5 versions of the same helmet or armour piece just with varying patterns. Another game that was on too that just slipped into irrelevancy like gears 4 and judgment. Yeah both halo 5 and gears have pro leagues or whatever but that doesn’t measure success or general public favor of the game. Gears just like halo will always have a small group of fans that continue to play it. That’s not because of what the Coalition has done to the game. That’s because of the original mechanics of the game that make it fun, along with the biggest money making emotion of nostalgia.

I’m curious of others opinions. Again I enjoy the multiplayer and think the game feels more fluid and better than ever. I always thought wall bouncing and movement like that are abuse of game mechanics and should not be a thing. It’s like back stab glitching in Dark souls 1. Yeah everyone can do it if you learn. And yeah it’s a massive advantage if you can do it. But the game starts being about who can abuse mechanics the most. Not the worst complaint I have.