Gears 5 - Nexus Confirmed?

This is a quote from Dark Horse (publisher of the Gears 5 artbook,featuring art and landscapes from the game)

“Dark Horse Books and The Coalition proudly join to present The Art of Gears 5, diving into the sunken ruins of the ancient Locust horde, and peering at in-depth collections of art from the enthralling world, captivating characters, and distinctive weapons of Gears 5!”

It appears we will be going into the ruined Nexus, Which is directly below Mount Kadar.

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Hmm if true then that means we’ll have a chance to get locust themed maps from Gears 2 back including Highway.

I’d be all for this❤️

And what about all the water?

Whose says the maps are gonna look exactly like they first appeared?

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Well I meant like in the lore, not MP maps

What about it?

I think this says it all. That Lambent Brumak looks UGLY though.

Gears of War 2 ending

So how do you expect to reach Nexus without submersible equipment rated for extreme pressures, let alone enter the Hollow, when you’re off on your own on a journey not supported by the COG? I’m not saying we can’t see any Locust themed Gears 2 maps returning, as the multiplayer/Horde aspect doesn’t have to follow the lore, but it’s highly doubtful we’ll be going down to Nexus in Gears 5s campaign, certainly not for Kait’s part of the story. And even if we did there could be less-than-friendly sea creatures living down there now. Leviathan, anyone?

@Stealth_Ninja_X, this is what I’m talking about. As far as seeing The Hollow after it was flooded.

I think after a lot of time being passed some parts of the hollow would’ve dried up a little or at least lowered on water level while some areas being frozen by the winter etc.

I wouldn’t be certain about that. Normally an ocean doesn’t just dry up or freeze over like that. For the Hollow to be dry again you’d probably have to remove all the water above it, which is probably impossible, or a more plausible solution, but still very unlikely, seal up the crater caused by the Lambent Brumak explosion and pump the water out of the Hollow. I doubt that going into the Hollow is really very high up on the priority list of the COG. I’d find it more likely that they’d just send a couple of submarines down there, if they still have any left.

That’s assuming everything in the hollow still has ceilings since the lambent brumak was huge and caused a massive explosion.

Some of the tunnels still seemed to. At least that’s what the final Gears 2 cutscene(which I’ve linked above) would make us believe. And considering how deep Nexus was I would assume that it would also still have a ceiling.

100% think we will go back to Nexus and even the Queens chambers.

Personally think the scene in the Gears 5 trailer of Kait abseiling down is going into Nexus.

The whole game is about the discovery of herself so there is going to be many call backs which is great but personally with regards to MP maps we would want all new maps remakes are fun but to have 100% new maps would be fantastic and refreshing.

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My god I’m so ■■■■■■ excited for this campaign

Well TBH kait does go back to the New Hope facility where the sires were soo it’s very possibly she will go to Nexus as she want more info about her grandmother Myraah.

The one thing i want to know the most is who Myraah had a child with that gave birth to reyna and oscar and then who reyna had a child with to give birth to kait. Essentially who Reyna’s dad is and then who kait’s dad is. Lot of plotholes :confused:

Those aren’t plot holes, guy. Those are just things that haven’t been described in detail. Big difference…

Also, those are details that to me aren’t what they should focus on. To me they should focus on who Myrrah , reyna, and Kait was/are as a person. Myrrah probably just hooked up with some random with good genes simply to keep her line going.

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Also, in regards to other comments. Y’all, it’s been about 30 years since the flooding. The earth/Sera changes a lot in 3 decades. It makes complete sense that they’ll be able to go back to mount kadar and nexus and find a way into the queens chambers! :slight_smile: can’t wait to see how jacinto and everything has changed and developed and overgrown since then!

That would be a plot hole then. Myrrah who was queen of the locust wouldn’t just hook up with a random dude. As you know she hated humans and is responsible for causing mass genocide and almost making the human race extinct. Her character isn’t the type to just hook up with anyone there has to be a deeper meaning and story and i hope it’s eventually uncovered. I also want to know more about what happened to anya. And can you elaborate more on what you mean by focusing on myrrah reyna and kait as a person? Not quite sure what you mean.

Pretty sure he means that he wants to know more about what they were like in their private lives, in a regular situation. We’ve only seen Reyna acting as the Outsider Village leader, and in the situation where the Swarm attacked the village. Myrrah, well, pretty much only when she was acting in the interests of the Locust. Kait, well, there could have been something before the game threw us into the DBs(for all the characters, not just her) but as is, we have only gotten a few snippets of her personality and how she acts under stress.

Although I’m not sure if we really want or need to know that stuff about Myrrah. Or if we will ever know. I question how she was never infected by Imulsion or at the very least not at a stage far enough for her to get killed by Adam’s countermeasure, when she’s lived so close to it for what I assume to be a fairly lengthy amount of time. And what her relation to the New Hope scientists is(especially since she appears to have been the one who knew how to create more Locust to begin with, and because she’s clearly human).

Regarding other posts : does the geography of a planet really change that much over +- 27 years(rough estimate based on when Gears 2 ends and Gears 4 takes place, and how much time I suppose passes between Gears 4 and 5 - aka a couple of months) that it would allow the Hollow to be sealed off again, and is it enough time to allow the massive amounts of water to drain? I was never a genius at geography/geology and my knowledge is limited to certain basic things. So I’m not sure if it is even realistically possible for the Hollow to be dry again, and those changes might also have rendered parts of it completely inaccessible unless you’re willing to drill through a whole bunch of rock.

And I’d personally find it more interesting if you actually had to explore it with something like a submarine. And regardless of that would prefer if it was still flooded as well. But if it’s not, fine.

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