Gears 5 New Weapons and Potential Weapons

Okay, so by now we’ve all seen the Gears 5 E3 Reveal and extended trailer. Many people love it, some do not, it is really too early to say what’s going to happen, and what we will see. Although we do get a good rough idea of what direction the story is going in.

However I have seen people saying “Do you think we will have new weapons” The question has already been answered for you.

  1. Kait is holding what is clearly a new kind of Machine gun, fully automatic, and by the looks of it, it’s an entirely new kind of weapon build by the swarm, as you can see it has their trade mark Swarm/Locust Crystals on the gun it’s self.

  2. Not to mention the quite obvious huge swarm club that I can only imagine was taken from the body of that new awesome looking swarm we saw holding two of them guarding the main door into the New Hop Facility.

  3. As we can see Kait and what looks like Del are at an old probably not abandoned UIR site, so there is potential we will almost certainly see some more UIR Weapons.

  4. Right at the start you can see Fahz Chutani(New Character) that JD talks to about leaving, he is holding what at glance looks like a Lancer, with some kind of attachment, I would guess either a Launcher or Shotgun of some kind.

The next two are not really weapons, but they have potential to be weaponised if there is anything we have learnt from the past and history of the series.

  1. JD is clearly, infected, and possibly slowly being mutated by Swarm, he has some kind of new Tech arm brace/force field protecting it from spreading through out his body, containing it to just his arm. From what we see, it seems to effect him more when he shows more anger and emotion. This likely in my opinion is engineered by Baird. This could be used as a weapon in the future somehow??

  2. Del has some kind of touch pad on his forearm, a little like a pip boy from Fallout I suppose. Now at this point we don’t know what it’s for, maybe it’s just for coms, or to control bots, or monitors his vitals. However again this has potential to be weaponized.

  3. It is also likely that given this is clearly set in the future a good few years after the events of Gears 4 that we could have upgraded Lancers/Gnashers etc.

Of course, as always people discuss below !


How you know the name of this character??

JD addressed him by his first name Fahz in the cut scene, his surname is printed across the chest plate of his armour like JD has Fenix on his.

Thank you bro, i dont listen his name

So Kait looks like she may possibly be carrying a new Hammerburst variant.

Also aside from the abandoned UIR site there has been some discussion that they return to the old New Hope Research Facility, so we may be getting some old hardware like the Hammer of dawn which would be cool.

I did like your take on JD’s predicament…having a slow infections from the swarm I would like to see the outcome of that if not cured(if true).

As for Del’s Arm Tech I and most other beleive it is some kind of archive access device since there is no HQ or support for that matter he needs to gather as much information from the archives as humanly possible using that.

Yeah there is likely to be some kind of discovery at New Hope, maybe weapons but who knows, it’s a nice thought! New Hope was mainly illegal experiments on Rust lung infected humans, that became the locust. Whereas the HOD was engineered and developed by Adam Fenix, it’s still a nice thought though.

It doesn’t look like Hammerburst,
Hammer of Dawn can’t be used if no laser guiding system, it’s not like they’ll point it and nothing comes out of the sky.

Either way I’m definitely excited to see how this plays out. a lot of people are skeptical about gears trying to chase a back story much like Tomb Raider does but personally I think this could build to an even better Gear 6 in the future.

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I think they are going in exactly the right direction they should be. We’ve always wanted to know the true origins of the Locust, and this is looking more like we will see it. They have clearly evolved, Swarm is just a new name labelled to them in 4 before they realised they’re still just Locust, that have evolved and mutated over time.

Not to mention they can now control the COG Tech, and infect/control humans somehow.

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I couldn’t agree more. should make for an interesting campaign.

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It will be worse if swarm takes control of the fabricator they can build limitless weapons or whatever for their armies.

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I dunno i thought the DB weapons all seemed uninspired and just generic so i hope the new weapons in Gears 5 will be more unique or fit the lore better

Good write up :+1:

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I just want the scorcher to return. Burning out the infection would feel great.

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I want all previous weapons to return, even if it’s just to MP and Horde.


Imagine melting DB’s with the Scorcher :dizzy_face:


I love the dropshop and embar.

I love the OverKill :raised_hands:

We could potentially have a Lancer combined with Overkill looking at that one screenshot, who knows.

That would be awesome.

Like the perfect combo for me would be HammerBurst and OverKill :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::raised_hands: