Gears 5 new update

I bought the chrome steel package of the weapons and apparently the small update eliminated all the weapons except the lancer, but all the others the chrome steel skin does not appear.


can’t wait to launch my game later and see half my Chrome Steels gone…

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Odd, mine are working just fine right now. Don’t know what is happening here.

Neither does TC…


really odd, only the chrome steel lancer skin is there

I wonder what these “game devs” broke this time

Well, got the Jigsaw Enforcer that was missing. So that’s a thing.


I think @HerrKatzchen has taken up the hobby of tagging @TC_Kilo1062 in every thread he can find


Looks like you’ve taken up the hobby of replying to almost every thread you see :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m a busy guy. I have to catch up at the end of the day.

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Can only use default characters since new update, can’t make changes to do any PvE in regard to cards

Can only refer to my other post regarding “(And whatever else they might’ve thrown in secretely)” or whatever I’ve written there.

Still don’t get it why we can’t just have one source with every detailed patch note present.
No, some stuff is posted in a small section in the gears news, another one on twitter on a dev account, probably next ones will be on twitter TC main account, another one on the Gears main twitter account and maybe (but very rarely) in the game itself in the “news” tab? (The latest still being the best suited place for ANY news since that’s the place where surely everyone will see it instantly without the need on searching everything together on different social platforms)

Eitherways, patch notes will always be incomplete so whatever…

TC keeps pissing me off. And as a good christian I live by the bible; Eye for an eye!

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This problem appears very often after updates.
Not to me until now but a friend had it yesterday.
If i remember correctly the solution is to delete your saved datas on xbox.
If you start game after this process it synchronizes your datas new and the problem is solved.

A brother!

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Is someone from TC going to tell me that they are working on my problem?

I had an issue with buying 2 bundles. No refund no resolve. Ask Sir Kilo here for help no response. Its time to move on. TC doesnt care about its playerbase or community.

Thats sad