Gears 5 New Swarm is kinda bad, old swarm I loved and can we please get the Spectr variant back?

Title says it all. :confused:

I had someone in a previous post I made mention that and I forgot how much I loved Gears 4 swarm. Especially the Gears 4 Swarm Elite drone.

That drone was the Sexiest drone lol. anybody want to show a pic, go for it.


Yes to Spectre Swarm!

The Sniper specifically!

Give him Black Armour.

With Red LEDs.

I disagree heavily. It’s the one thing I can’t stand when going back to Gears 4. I’ll give props to TC for making every Swarm feel different from the sole fact that they have different voices and attitudes from one another in Gears 5. Where as the Swarm in 4 are the most boring and even quiet characters to ever exist in a Gears game. All have shared voice lines and weren’t particularly that interesting looking.

I love the shrieks of the Hunter, the baritone boom of the Sniper and the clumsy childish nature of the Imago 10xs more than their 4 counterparts.

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Am I the only one who thinks the Specter skins looked bad? They just slapped on white paint over their “skin.” Reminds me of colorblast.

This. Though they could stand to add the Classic Swarm Drone elite as a Swarm Drone skin.


My favorite swarm skin… havent even touched the new disgusting ones.

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Yes I agree! @TC_Kilo1062 @TC_Sera @TC_MichaelAOS please bring the old drone elite back as a classic skin at least!

I’d love to see him return!

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I just want the savage skins back :sunglasses: