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Gears 5 New Swarm Design [PHOTO]

I came across this, and it’s actually quite interesting…

Certainly an improvement from Gears 4, I like the Sniper.



Definitely an improvement so far. Nice find!



I posted this earlier and credit to @DarkChaoz95

I like the Hunters and Sniper :+1:

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Their pink skin grosses me out, ngl. I preferred the aesthetic of original Locust.

Swarm hunter looks hype af tho


That’s racist. :wink:


I really liked the Spectre Swarm - especially the Sniper.

And the Swarm Hunter aka The Grim Swarm Reaper :raised_hands:


Yeah the white Swarm looked way better for sure



Oops, I never saw it. My bad. The Hunters do look quite cool, and creepy. :joy:

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Variety will be good for Gears 5!



Thank god for that!

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My biggest complaint about gears 4 swarm was the lack of armor and clothing. It looks like they have more gear now and I’m stoked. I just loved how bulky and armored up the locust always look, and I miss that.


good find, I like the variety as well, gow 5 is looking to give a lot more characters mp wise from we we have seen

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Agreed. I didn’t like the Swarm at all in Gears 4, mainly for how they seemed like lifeless, bland, clones of the Locusts, and they all looked nearly identical to each other, like character model copy-pastes for the most part. It made it seem like such a downgrade in story and gameplay progression in 4 to go from Locust to Swarm. I’d like to see them turn that around.

These have more uniqueness to their look, hopefully that pattern continues moving forward as more are showcased. A bit more personality in their voice lines and animations is what I’m looking for, which was another big reason I only chose Locusts in 4.

I’d like to want to switch to different characters not just based on their looks, but also on their personality traits, like how so many COG/Locust characters are so well fleshed out by now. Too many Swarm characters in 4 were just bots that you picked just for the look of their skins, and there was no real life to them.


Indeed, couldn’t have put it better myself.

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Yeah. The new ones look more, almost cyber-medevial, fitting since they’re tribal mixed with DB tech. But the Hunters look SO Dark Souls.

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Hunter looks pretty cool

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The new swarm desings are sweet! What do you think?

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They did a really nice job building upon the tribal gimic.

i wonder if we’re ever going to see anymore subtypes such as Kantus

That’s be cool. But honestly I can’t wait to see more. Because I feelike there is a lot more. But does anyone feel like the Sires are kinda lazy? They haven’t changed (appearance) at all, but they were also infected with Imulsion. Didn’t see any mutations on them.