Gears 5 NEW GAMEMODE?! - Sticks Vs Saws!

I’ve been playtesting a new mode for Gears 5 - So far everyone has enjoyed it, veterans + casuals, there is a suprising amount of nuance to play. I call it Sticks vs Saws and would love to see your thoughts. Don’t judge it before you play, give it a whirl and let me know what you think!


So Breakers and Lancer Saw only? Not totally hating this.

That’s kinda crazy. It’s essentially a game based around the movement and what makes gears “fun” without the shooting.

I would try it. might be better than golden gun

Oddly enough this may be the answer to shots not registering. :sweat_smile:


Just watched the stream , look like fun looking forward to playing it

People that played seemed to stay in the lobby a long time and enjoy it. I think its a simple party style gamemode where everyone can play. Anyone can sneak up and get a breaker mace kill or chainsaw but better players will do better. Its not a visual mess either like say Valentines torquebow event.

Glad you like the look of it


If this could be a event ,I would be up to play it,since dec 2019 I haven’t touched PVP/FFA,Sadly I couldn’t hit a gears head even thou they were point blank.

Get out!!! :flushed:

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I cant stand the breaker mace. Therefore I have zero interest in getting continuously pummeled with it from a mile away.

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It’s better than ffa ATM so why not make it an event?

I love seeing the creativity! Keep it up!


Think it would be fun if u allowed frag tags aswell just to make that little bit more heptic , u always guaranteed to get the tag if ur opponent rolls or evades so like the lancer it’s about timing or sneaking up on ur opponent… so don’t spawn all breaker mace and do half grenade n half mace, no throwing grenades or planting a trap just tags only ? Dunno thought it might be fun

I meant ur not always guaranteed to get the tag :nerd_face::grinning:

It’s all about movement, sounds like fun.

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