Gears 5 new armor varients

so i love to watch the trailers about 100 times (no over exaggeration) and couldn’t help but notice that Kait and del have new armour variants throughout the trailer. personally, i like the snow armours size because it reminds me of gears 1 days. bigger armour. but anyway it looks like from the start were gonna have a decent amount of armour customization for all the characters i was wondering if anyone noticed this.

I always wanted to customize a base model gear or swarm character instead of having so many different characters… they should have an option to customize a base character.

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I noticed that Kait and Del were wearing two different outfits.
One probably for the cold weather, in the snow and such.
And the other might be for when they’re going on adventure “up north” or out in the wilderness.
Del was wearing something that looked green with headband, which resembled Commando Dom.
The illusion of bigger armour could be that they wore more armour pieces.
They now have shoulder plates, knee/shin pads which looked similar from Classic Marcus’ armour.

yeah i think dels green armor is sweet considering commando dom is my favorite armor varient. super excited for this game.

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