Gears 5 needs to focus on:

Hey guys thought I’d share some info and I kinda wanna see what other people think.
Gears 5 needs:

  1. All weapons across all game-modes to be the same, no core or competitive settings.
  2. Darker themed gameplay, gears of WAR feeling, killing and cutting people up.
  3. bring back the old group, seeing baird and cole for like a mission wasn’t really fun.
  4. Don’t do this kait story please, the story will not be as good as the other ones if you do this. Kait should stay as a side character like a dom, baird or cole. Not a storyline character. People aren’t going to love this.
  5. Unlockables through multiplayer again like gow3. Even through re-ups new unlockables creating hard and wanted characters or skins, like the onyx weapon skin and golden hunter.
  6. any starting weapon that isn’t the gnasher shouldn’t have insane damage. Gears 1 and 2 did that best.
  7. Rankings that feel right,
  8. Probably shouldn’t show how much damage you did, caused a problem in this game.
  9. 4 player campaign was great in gow3.
  10. Get rid of computer players being able to talk in the game, Toxic/annoying and it ruins gameplay, unfair advantage.
    I’ll leave it at that, I want to see gears 5 be the best it could be so I thought maybe take the time out to say these things. I’ve been playing since gears 1 and I hope someone in the coalition could see this. If someone that reads this and agrees then great, if someone disagree’s i’d like to see what you think, thanks.
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I disagree with the old character focus, all of them look like grandparents at this point I don’t wanna see Cole cough a lung out trying to scream his catchphrases. I think the Kait story works because it ties back to the first 3 games & focuses on the Locust lore. Also I think it’s just ‘Gears 5’ this time around as they said they’re dropping the ‘War’ part from this title.

By CPU players speaking do you mean automatic voice lines that basically give both your & their positions away?


Kait story is going to play out great. It’s ties all the other games to this with the locust.




just gonna say this once but you do know that xbox users can use the chat function in-game as well,right? all you gotta do is go out and buy a 10$ keyboard and BAM

Yeah I agree.

I get the sense that many groups of fans across different series’ hang onto the past for the nostalgia factor for much longer than is healthy. It’s not just Gears, but lots of different things. People struggle with change. I don’t want the original trilogy repeated with the original cast. I want something new. I want new characters, a new story, and risks taken.

I mean, I look at Star Wars and the reception that The Last Jedi got, and I just don’t get the hate. TLJ took some risks and shook things up. I thought it was fantastic.

The same went for Blade Runner 2049, it got a fair amount of stick. Again I loved it because it used the original as a jumping off point to explore new themes and re-visit old ones. There comes a time where we need to move on, often into the unknown. Let’s keep an open mind and judge Gears 5 when the time comes.

That keyboard communication should be susceptible to xbox live messages rules. Many abuse it and should be reported.

heavy breathing
sweating profusely
baaaabbbbyyyyy in weak squeeky whimper of a voice


I am so sick and tired of Cole, Marcus and Baird. I hope they all die in Gears 5, out with the old and in with the new.

I honestly don’t care what people say in-game. Talk trash for all I care, Ill still beat you lol

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I love the old squad as much as the next but I can’t wait to see the strife in the game it’s going to bring with most if not all their inevitable deaths. It should play out great with a lot of tension amongst the new characters. But I am one of those people who love main characters dying off (if done well) to change the dynamic of everything and loving a character just to ultimately lose them is a real intense feeling that really a part of a great story. Bringing out those emotions is raw and keeps
The story feeling real. Nothing worse in a story when you know one person is completely safe from death.

It’s for punishment purposes.

After a few suspensions/bans I believe the keyboard warrior would think twice before offending.

I don’t play versus so don’t have a problem with core or comp settings cause I’ve never really used them. It’s mainly co-op against the ai when I play multilayer.

I’d like to see unlockables through rank like gears 2 and 3. It gives you something to work for rather than just a number.

4 player Co op on gow 3 was great.
Myself and my with played the whole campaign first time round with 2 random ( arranging times to play and carry on). It was fun and nice to be able to join other games in progress once we’d finished.
If there ranking system is like gow 4 taking forever to level up after certain re ups. Maybe xp from campaign would be a good addition.

If they kill the original delta hope they do it in style like they did dom. Not like anya. We still don’t know what happened to her. Maybe even get some insight into her death in 5.

Finally. More enemy variants., map voting and join in progress ( jip ) in horde.

Agree with some of your points but it’s too late to make them really especially about campaign, i don’t think community can make any impact on what devs are gonna go with.

Here is my list of essentials that echos yours a little:

  1. Universal tuning!
  2. New maps only! Maybe DLC with old favorites, don’t even wanna mention the season pass disaster we had.
  3. Every single thing can be acquired with credits except for exclusives and event completion rewards (not gonna happen). Also, legacy rewards would be a nice addition.
  4. All legacy characters unlocked with progression!
  5. Rolling lobbies in social with no limitations on party size and ability to choose the mode.

Random question. Has anyone seen @API lately?

so go out and spend money to argue with people in game? thats beyond pointless and stupid lol

It’s weird because half of the time I see people talking on the global chat in-game, it would get covered up by asterisks (*****) and I always thought that it would auto-censor but other times I can see some colorful language perfectly clear so it makes me wonder why the global chat type comes out with asterisks randomly.

@Ektope maybe you’ve seen this too?

I don’t know why, but it’s not able to report anything they write there, so It’s a Marlboro land.

Sometimes I wonder, is Gears 4 the only game that has a in-game global chat? Or are there other games with something similar to it?

I don’t remember seeing asterisks. Either they didn’t use colourful language in my matches or I don’t remember. I have profanity filter off, so I’m not sure if that affects putting asterisks on.