Gears 5 needs this and this

So I’ve been hearing a lot of dislike for the new update , Even saw TC Sera basically say this is your fault for not giving enough feedback during the beta playlist ,…

OK … to be fair the methods of giving feedback need to be improved as well ,

In Fortnight they always send in Game software message asking their players questions like “ is the flipper overpowered? Is the flopper underpowered?”

After 1 or 2 Games of the beta tuning playlist we should be sent an in game message box and rewarded a skin or anything you can think of (even old content will be better than nothing) for leaving detailed feedback.

You want people to help l, problem is at this point no one is playing the game due to frustration of older updates , The People who care have left so now it’s your job to give incentive to the people still playing it and keep them ,

If we regularly have a reason to play the beta not only will the game experience be more rewarding you get the feedback you need to actually help,

I will say that Gears still deff need to fix audio issues between an Elite controller on PC while headphones plugged in directly to the controller the audio chops in and out on every system I have ever tested , If I’m playing a Microsoft Game on a Microsoft controller I should have no audio issues, (why do games like fortnight or Halo run smooth audio out of the controller and not gears ??? )

I’m not going to comment on gameplay because of your not playing this game at 120hz it’s just not the same experience for PvP ,

I do feel like characters have gotten “FAT” n slower and certain moments of wall bouncing you can’t shoot which is really kinda stupid and limiting , takes away too much options.

Rolling mechanic happens a bit more often even on alternate feels like more priority has been given to that command which no one like a game that’s that’s not consistent,

As a maniac , I prefer when this game unlocks reactions times speed buffs, maneuver cancels, Gears 1 was awesome because it had a lot of little layers to it with externally accurate shooting , Now a days it feels like they are making shooting less accurate and more random , which hurts push game players causing the game to become more stationary and Lancer Cross/ campy , Why this happens ? If the person who is not moving waiting for the 1st shot/camp shot/damage advantage will never loose because the guy who makes the push is now more like to miss or just straight up not pull the trigger in mid scramble, This Game needs a motions and small strafes to be rewarded like in older updates , We all about the Micro Moves !! There’s a reason people say Mayweather fights are boring is because the dude is only playing defense , we love mike try son because we wanna see a brawl we wanna get exited we wanna have fun and we want to be rewarded for having a high skill gap.


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I love your optimism

The audio issue is insane. I just built a pc looking forward to play gears 5 and now all I have is bad audio. Really disappointing.

:joy: We have give tons of feedback and bug reports and still there is unfixed bugs since lauch .

Example : home screen bug , when someone on team randomly drop home screen when trying to find ranked match and cant vote map,
it has been since lauch !!!

TC just want to shut us up and ignore us , but that wont happend , hell no , we just shout louder than ever.

That was actually a problem on 4 sometimes too lol.

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Nah. You’re talking too much PvP/Minor Multiplayer problems.

I believe that the problem of Gears ain’t about the MP at all , it’s way more about the state of mind of the studio.
A dev house that hasn’t been stable since 2013 and it’s full of intestine fights , is never going to provide an awesome handcraft like the first Gears.
There’s a saying in my country :
“They can only follow”.