Gears 5 needs story dlc

Its been a long time since we had story dlc for a gears game, the last we had was raams shadow that was in 2011, its been 8 yrs since then. I think its time we get some dlc i dont want to wait until gears 6. The idea i have is why could play as jd and fahz and see what they were doing while we was playing as del and kait. Hopefully tc would do this cause i am willing to pay for it if they make story dlc tc pls make it happen.


I agree, in fact after playing Gears 5’s campaign I wanted to play Gears 3’s again and also RAAM’s Shadow, simply amazing, I need more story

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Yes, I really hope they see the potential of singleplayer DLC. I would even take it a step further and say it’s time for proper spin-off Gears sp-only games. The universe has great potential and there are a lot of people who only play Gears for the campaign.

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I would love a DLC story about the hive busters !

@TC_Octus Please pass this along to the devs make this happen

Mini-spoiler, I guess, but that collectible you find on the Grindlift that shows a message from Skorge to someone named Krav Gurst could be a good basis for some DLC. Something similar to RAAM’s shadow, but set in the Gears 2 time period.
Maybe we would get to see what exactly happens the moment right after Skorge confronts Tai & how he gets captured.

Or, hell, you could go back even further and play as a squad of RAAM, Skorge, Karn & whoever Gurst is. It could show the struggle between the Locust & the Lambent and how it all started.
Obviously, dialogue might be an issue here. But, I dunno, it’d be fun to hear the Locust leaders shouting three word sentences at each other lmao.

On that note, another possible idea is DLC about The Speaker since he can speak fluently. It could span from the time he emerges from his crystal shell to when he confronts Delta. That’d be pretty sick.

I think I’d much prefer a Skorge DLC though lol. Getting to use the Chainsaw Staff & possibly the Hydra would be pretty sick.