Gears 5 needs more then banners and bloodsplats

For every re-up you should get a exclusive skin that you only get when you re-up.

Also you should get onyx skins

  1. Get 3000 with Gnasher to unlock the onyx skin.

Gears 5 needs a little dark background noise like gears 1.

The scrap system is the worst.
For gold skin i need 2400 scrap but only get 5 scrap for supply drop? No one wants banners and blood splat garbage. Give us skins for our weapons and characters by playing your game.

The store is a joke like Apex legends. GEARS LOST a long term member until they fix this game.

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This is exactly what you get now. 18 of 20 re-ups give weapon skins.
Also, you get Onyx skins by earning Onyx rank.

Dude, we have ridiculous expressions and you want a little dark background? Get with the program.

We all want Marcus Fenix doing the Urkel shuffle.

We want the scary swarm/locust doing the Macarena.

And they said they learned their lesson from the community not liking the paint ball colored characters…

okay, they said MAYBE.

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